Tips for Finding a Durable Phone for Your Teen

Many parents are concerned about their teens having access to a Smartphone, often for security reasons. But Smartphones can be an invaluable communication tool. Here are some tips for finding a durable and safe phone for your children.

Safety and Security

One of the biggest concerns for parents shopping for a phone for their children is safety. Many teens today need smartphones to stay in touch with their peers. Statistics indicate most households no longer use landlines to make calls.

Consider choosing phones with a child-safe mode to track notifications. For example, Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with a Kids Mode App feature. You can limit usage time and secure the device with a pin on Samsung’s On Kids Mode App.

Used or New Cellphone?

If you have a specific brand in mind, you can opt for a refurbished Smartphone. A used device is an ideal option when you are on a budget.

You can find many online shops today selling various brands of used smartphones. Before purchasing a phone from an online vendor, check if they offer guarantees.

Some used phone vendors have a 12-month guarantee. If the phone breaks down, the seller will pay for cell phone repairs or replace it with another device. Ensure you assess the reputation of the online service before committing to a purchase.

Phone Size and Portability

Teens and children have smaller hands and pockets than adults. A smaller phone is easier to use and less cumbersome for your child to carry around.

An oversize phone may compel teens to leave it at home. That may make it harder to contact them in an emergency. Therefore, always consider portability and phone size when choosing a suitable device for your child.

Your child may also find an oversize smartphone more complicated to maintain. If your teen keeps leaving the phone behind, it can quickly deteriorate.

Robust Design and Durability

Your child’s phone can easily break or get scratched, especially if it is their first smartphone. If you want to avoid spending on frequent cell phone repair services, choose a device with a robust design. Consider purchasing a phone with dust-resistant and water-repellent features. You can also protect the phone with a glass screen protector. Many online vendors have waterproof cases of varying sizes suitable for your child’s smartphone.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate your child’s ability to use smartphones. Monitor the usage of the device, but allow your children to customize it where necessary. Choose a durable phone that your child will cherish for many years.

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