The Most Common Rennovations That Tend to Increase Home Value

4 Tips for Speeding Up Your House Renovations

You may be hesitant to renovate your home for fear it may take too long. The thing about home renovation projects is that time and money go hand-in-hand. If your renovation takes longer than projected, it can cost you more money with higher labor, interest, and material costs. Here are four tips to help you stay on schedule for a speedy home renovation.

Planning is Everything

Proper planning is vital for any successful home renovation. You must properly plan before you begin, or your renovation may fail and run into delays and cost overruns. If you’re doing the renovation yourself, enlist the aid of someone who has experience with home remodeling and renovations or get advice and tips from the internet.

Use Prefabricated Wall Frames

Using prefabricated wall frames is an excellent way to save time on your home renovation. Wall frames can take a great deal of time to build and erect, but with prefabricated wall frames, half your work is done in advance.

If you’re adding a new addition to your home, having the wall frames built-in advance can save you time and money because you don’t have to pick up or wait for materials to build the frames on-site.

Do Some of the Smaller Jobs Yourself

The more work you can get done in the shortest amount of time will help your renovation go much faster. While some jobs are best left to a professional, there are some jobs you can do yourself. Here are a few jobs you can do yourself to speed up your renovation.


Keeping your home clean during the renovation process will make it easier to move on to the next task. For example, after painting, clean up any debris, rollers, and drop cloths, so you can move to the installation of new floors or carpets. Clean-up should also include moving furniture and other items out of rooms before work begins.

Painting and Wall Prep

Prepping the walls for painting is a simple task you can do yourself to save time before painting. You can also do the painting yourself instead of waiting for a professional.

Have all Permits in Order

If you’re using a contractor, they should have all the necessary permits before any renovation begins. If you’re doing the work yourself, tackle this task before starting any work.

A good home renovation can add value to your home and give you the home of your dreams. By following a few of the tips above, you can have a speedy and cost-effective home renovation.

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