Leaky Roofs, Bugs, and Other Customer Deterrents

When you own a business, you know how hard it can be to keep it successful year after year. To do so, you need to have customers who patronize your business on a regular basis. However, if you let some things fall by the wayside at your business, you may find your customers are taking a much closer look at your competitors. As to what may deter customers from visiting your business, here are some examples you’ll want to avoid.

Bugs and Other Pests

When customers walk into your business, they only want to be dealing with you and your staff, not a bunch of bugs and other pests. Whether it’s cockroaches on the shelves, mice scurrying about here and there, or perhaps a bee’s nest nearby that customers have to avoid to keep from being stung, always keep your business pest-free as much as possible.

Leaky Roof

As customers walk through your business, they don’t want to have drops of water hitting them on the head. If you have a leaky roof that you delay getting fixed, this is exactly what customers will face each time they enter your business. Along with the inconvenience, a leaky roof may also create slippery floors, causing customers to fall and be seriously injured. Should this happen, you’ll not only need to call local roofers like Roof Cat to get your roof fixed, but also probably a lawyer to defend your business from a personal injury lawsuit.

Broken Equipment

Whether it is your computer that is always down, a cash register that may not be working properly and won’t accept credit card payments from customers, or other types of equipment, remember that customers do not want to frequent a business that always seems to be experiencing problems. If this sounds like your business, it’s time to make a change. By spending some money on new equipment and making sure it is always working as needed, customers will have much more confidence in your business.

Pothole Parking Lot

Finally, nobody likes to navigate a parking lot filled with potholes. Should you let your parking lot fall into disarray, customers will tire of this very quickly. Not only can vehicles get damaged by running over potholes, but people can also step awkwardly and fall while walking through the lot. An easy and relatively inexpensive maintenance task for your business, always keep your parking lot in great shape.

Rather than have one deterrent after another that will lead to a loss of customers, take care of these and other tasks right away. When you do, the leaks and pests will disappear, being replaced instead with happy customers.

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