Can You Replace a Windshield on Your Own?

If your vehicle has a windshield that is broken, cracked, or just worn out, you know it’s time to get a new one. However, you may be wondering if you really need to take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop, or instead take on this task as a DIY job. Can you replace a windshield on your own, and should you even attempt to do so? Here’s what you should remember.

Saves Time and Money

If you have the skills needed to install your vehicle’s windshield, doing so can save you some time and money. For example, you won’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment at a repair shop, meaning you won’t have to worry about leaving it there and then going back to pick it up. If you install the windshield yourself, you’ll also save on labor costs.

Too Much or Too Little Pressure

If you decide to give it a try and install a windshield yourself, one thing you will need to remember is to apply the exact amount of pressure to your windshield during installation. If you apply too much pressure during your windshield replacement, the glass is likely to break. However, if you don’t apply enough pressure, the windshield may not stay in place, which could be a disaster when driving down the highway.

Insurance Coverage

If you have even the most basic type of auto insurance, the good news is that it should cover the costs of getting your windshield replaced by professionals. Thus, if you lack the time, knowledge, and experience needed to do this job right the first time, it makes sense to let your insurance company pick up the tab, since doing so won’t have an adverse impact on your premium.

It’s More Than Your Windshield

In years past, a windshield was just a windshield on most cars. However, as more and more technology has been introduced to these modern-day supercomputers on wheels, your windshield is often linked to your vehicle’s GPS sensors, radio, heated wipers, and much more. Thus, if you don’t know what you are doing during the installation process, you could find yourself with many more problems than just a cracked windshield. Rather than take this chance, it’s probably best to leave this to the pros.

While you can certainly install your own windshield, it’s best to do so only if you have the knowledge, tools, and time needed to do the job correctly. Otherwise, you may have a windshield coming loose while you’re on the road.

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