Symptoms That May Be A Sign Of Prostate Cancer

Symptoms That May Be A Sign Of Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the prostate gland usually affects men who are over age 60, but younger men can also develop the condition. Medical examinations can identify prostate cancer often while the disease is still in the early stages when treatment is usually the most effective. Certain symptoms are often associated with prostate cancer, and you won’t want to ignore these possible signs of prostate cancer if you’re experiencing any of them.

Persistent Midsection Pain

Pain in your midsection may be the result of a pulled muscle or can occur for a variety of other reasons, but you should visit your doctor if your pain continues for a long period without much relief. As prostate cancer advances, chronic pain can develop in the hips, back and pelvic region. Chronic groin pain is another problem that should be brought to a medical professional’s attention.

Problems with Urination

Cancer can enlarge your prostate and block the flow of urine through your urethra. You might have trouble urinating or feel as though you haven’t emptied your bladder entirely each time you go to the bathroom. However, an enlarged prostate doesn’t always mean cancer, but you should still have the problem checked by a doctor so that you can get the appropriate treatment.

Blood Coming Out of the Urethra

When urine or semen comes out of the tip of your penis through your urethra, you may also notice blood that’s mixed in with the fluid. Prostate cancer can cause internal bleeding that shows each time you urinate or ejaculate, and a doctor can test you for prostate cancer if you’re experiencing this symptom. Urinary tract infections, noncancerous polyps and other medical conditions can also cause blood to flow through the urethra, and medical testing can let you know if your symptom is in fact related to prostate cancer.

Unexplained Weight Loss

If you’re losing weight without trying, you should undergo medical testing to determine if prostate cancer is the cause. You might also have a smaller appetite than normal or be experiencing nausea frequently, which can occur as the cancer advances. The wasting effect of prostate cancer can also result in a loss of muscle mass and cause you to feel weaker.

Prostate cancer is a serious medical condition that shouldn’t be overlooked, but there are treatments that can often eliminate prostate tumors and prevent cancer from returning. By going to your doctor for a prostate exam and other medical tests, you can take better control of your health.

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