Home Updates: How to Beautify and Furnish Your Master Bedroom

Home Updates: How to Beautify and Furnish Your Master Bedroom

If you are thinking about updating your master bedroom, you may want to try a new look instead of sticking with the style you have enjoyed until now. This is a great time to experiment with design and decor in a variety of styles. Here are some options to consider that could make your bedroom more beautiful and comfortable than ever.

Refresh the Bedroom

A vibrant coat of paint can give your room a fresh new look. You can stick with your current palette to coordinate with the rest of your house if you like. Or you can choose a new color scheme to make your sleep sanctuary more relaxing or more vivid. Chic pastels add a soft tone while somber neutrals promote physical and mental comfort. You may want to just paint the wall trim and window frames as accent points to give your room a whole new vibe.

Replace the Furniture

Don’t skimp on your bedroom furniture. Get a cozy new mattress to replace the sagging one you’ve been sleeping on for years. Select a new bed and matching dresser or wardrobe along with a bedside table for your favorite reads or a night lamp after browsing bedroom furniture sets in exciting designs made from wood, metal, or other materials. New flooring or window covers like blinds or drapes will give your bedroom a revitalizing makeover.

Reorganize the Layout

While replacing older bedroom furniture, try moving it around for a different layout. Push the bed away from the window to let in a breeze on warm days or cool nights. Move the dresser to another wall for a creative configuration that you haven’t tried before. Move the exercise bike to the basement or family room and put your stack of reading material in a cupboard or drawer to keep it out of sight but readily accessible.

Add Thematic Accents

With a newly decorated room and upgraded furniture, you’re ready to add special accents to make the bedroom your own. You may want a nature theme with natural colors like green, blue, gray, or brown for the bedspread and pillows. Add a chair with a throw over it in a trendy pattern or a rustic feel. Table lamps with coordinating shades and a stylish throw rug at the foot of the bed will complete your bedroom’s new image.

Have fun redecorating your bedroom to make it even more relaxing and enjoyable. Spending a third of your life in that room means that it should be welcoming and comforting.

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