Window AC vs Central AC: Which Is Best For Your Situation?

Window AC vs Central AC: Which Is Best For Your Situation?

Did you know that three out of four US households have air conditioning? With increasing populations in warm areas, the popularity of air conditioning continues to grow. If you’re installing air conditioning for the first time or upgrading your current system, the first decision you need to make is whether you want central air conditioning or a window unit. Here are three factors that can help you choose.

What Is Your Climate Like?

The most important factor when deciding between a window unit and central air conditioning is the average temperature where you live. Window units are best suited for cooler climates where air conditioning is only needed for a short period of time, while a central air conditioning system is worth it if you live in a hot climate. If you live in an area with warm summers and mild winters, a heat pump system can save energy all year long.

Are Allergies a Concern?

Those who suffer from allergies or asthma may find that a central air conditioning system improves their symptoms. Because central air conditioning systems move air through a filter, they can remove common allergens from the air and improve indoor air quality. Remember to maintain your system with professional air conditioning services like filter changes and duct cleaning.

What Is Your Budget?

Air conditioning is a nice luxury, but you shouldn’t break the bank for it. Window units are much more affordable, but a central air conditioning system may save money over time because it will last longer and use less electricity per square foot. However, a window unit uses much less electricity if you only need to cool one or two rooms because a central unit must cool the entire home.

How Old Is Your Home?

A final factor to consider is the age of your home. Older homes that were built before central air conditioning was common usually need ductwork installation and an electrical upgrade in order to support a central air conditioning system. A window unit can be installed in most older homes without any special preparation, but make sure your electrical outlet can handle the power load before you plug it in.

Whether you go with a window unit or central air conditioning system, remember to choose the most energy efficient model you can find. Make sure your unit is the right size for your space. Look for models that are ENERGY STAR® certified and have efficiency features like programmable thermostats

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