Simple AC Repairs to Complete In Time For Summer Heat

Simple AC Repairs to Complete In Time For Summer Heat

During the summer, it can be common to complain about the AC not working properly or about the expensive energy bills. For many of us, this tends to be a recurring issue. There are a few primary reasons why your electricity bill could be higher in the summer. Below are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your air conditioning system this year. 

Leaking Water 

If you notice that water is dripping from your air conditioner, you will need to have it inspected by an air conditioning contractor. There are a few reasons this could happen, one of which is a dirty air filter. The AC absorbs warm water from the home and condenses and then drains out of the house through a condensation drain. When filters are dirty the airflow becomes obstructed and the AC can’t blow cool air. 

Frozen Evaporator Coils  

Water drops into the drip pan and stays on the coil because the water has nowhere to go. As a result, the refrigerant converts warm air to cold. This cold air freezes the coils. Over time, the coating of ice thickens, all because you don’t replace the filters. This ice will eventually thaw, and you can see water droplets flowing out of your device. Turn off the AC to thaw the coil and call in an AC expert to inspect the system. 

Rusty Drip Pan  

Even if you look after your air conditioner with regular maintenance, the persistent water in the drip pan can eventually lead to rust. If you see rust when removing the air filter, replace the drip pan. , better yet, have an HVAC contractor come in and look at it. If you decide to work on it yourself, turn off your air conditioner before doing any maintenance tasks. 

Non-Cooling AC 

Another problem with the AC is that it may not be cooling efficiently. The problem can usually be easily resolved. This problem is often caused by clogged condensate lines. The condensation line can get dirty with debris and mold. Regular AC maintenance service calls are a key factor in preventing this from happening. 

Refrigerant Leaks 

Your AC is not cooling and you hear a strange sound coming from the system. It feels humid inside even if the AC is running. Another sure sign of this problem is when there is frost on the condenser. Refrigerant is a gas and it can be dangerous to breathe, so you want to call in an HVAC specialist as soon as possible. You should also turn the AC unit off as soon as you know that this is the issue, especially if you experience symptoms like: 

  • Dizziness 
  • Headaches 
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Eye irritation 

To prevent any of these problems, set up regular maintenance of your HVAC system. A good technician will inspect the system and take the necessary steps to fix issues before they become a problem.

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