Taking Responsibility: What to Do When An Employee Gets Injured

Taking Responsibility: What to Do When An Employee Gets Injured

In case of injuries at the workplace, there’s a need for quick action to get the patient treated. This is followed closely by the need to have the necessary compensation claims filed. OSHA has set several recommendations that would guide responding to an injured patient. Today we’ll talk about a few things you will need to do when an injury occurs.

Be Prepared

Preparation for a possible accident at the workplace is key when dealing with injuries at the workplace. Workers must prepare themselves as much as possible for any kind of accident. It is best to inform your workers of the type of accidents that could happen in your workplace. Part of the preparation includes establishing an emergency kit. Train your employees to be ready for a number of accidents including those that may revolve around fire, chemical, electrical, and other hazardous conditions.

The best way to help your employees with their injuries is to prevent them in the first place. Safety standards exist for a reason. Educating your employees will go a long way when it comes to safety in the workplace.

Be Quick

Keep in mind that the health of your employee is paramount. Get them to safety as soon as possible. Once you have done that there are a few other steps to follow. First, you will need to get workers gathered at a safe place. Continue by ensuring the safety of bystanders. Now that everyone is safe you need to notify the authorities if necessary. Finally, you will need to conduct a thorough investigation.

Once the injured worker is taken to a hospital, it is essential to follow up on the patient’s condition. Ensure that all needed medical attention has been provided to them. Your quick response time should dramatically help the situation. By intervening as soon as possible you may end up saving their life, limbs, or appendages.

Be Connected

In case of injuries at work, it is best to contact a work related accident lawyer as soon as possible. An accident lawyer would help file claims and get compensation for the patient who has been injured at work.  With all the paperwork that is necessary, it is wise to seek professional help. With professional help in hand, the process becomes a lot easier.

Be Aware

Workers have certain rights in dealing with injuries at the workplace. They include the right to be paid compensation for any injury they sustain at the workplace. Employees also have a right to be treated fairly by their employer during and after the accident. That aside, they have a right to be informed about the accident and its aftermath. Finally, they have a right not to be discriminated against by their employer because of their accident at work.

With all that in mind, be kind to those who have been injured. Treat them as you would any other worker. What happened to them could change their life forever. Even if their injury costs the company greatly, remember what they have lost as well.

Be Informed

If an employee decides to sue the employer, the firm owner has to keep all communication lines open with the employees. The firm owner has to be transparent with the employees and provide them with the necessary information regarding their case. An employer also has to ensure that all steps are taken on time. Ensuring all steps are taken is important since it helps provide a fair trial for the injured employee.

Do not attempt to withhold information or other such matters. Withholding of aid or information will come back to haunt you later. In court, holding back information will be a certain sign of non-compliance and could lead to fees and other legal action.

Be Safe

Injuries at work can be very dangerous and result in permanent disability or even death. If you have sustained an injury on your work premises, call an experienced attorney as soon as possible. That will ensure that you can get the compensation you deserve. As an employer, make sure that the work conditions are sufficiently safe. An injury on your watch can be catastrophic.

When a worker is injured it can be an intimidating situation. Now that you have more knowledge about the process afterward you can respond with a calmer demeanor. Remember to do what you can for your employee, this injury may cost the company, but it will absolutely cost the employee as well.

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