5 Tools Your Contractor Company Might Need

5 Tools Your Contractor Company Might Need

Your contractor company can’t do work without tools. Having enough tools to keep everyone’s hands busy helps your crews stay active, but you also need to have the right tools at your disposal. Knowing five tools your contractor company might need helps you stock up in advance.

Hand Tools

These are tools that use human muscle power instead of batteries or being plugged into a power source. Hammers are the ubiquitous example, but others can include wrenches, saws, shovels, screwdrivers, and shovels. As a contracting company, you will need many hand tools. See if you can find tools that can do multiple jobs to make things simpler.

Power Tools

Some hand tools are also available as power tools, but there are also powerful tools that might not have a manual equivalent. While hand tools trace back thousands of years, power tools are considerably more modern. They are available as both corded or cordless options. Faster performance is possible with the additional power, although you will need to provide them with a battery, generator, or electrical outlet.

A Mobile Screening Plant

A mobile screening plant is usually something track-mounted. Contractors often use them for operations involving road building, demolition, recycling, rock mining, and aggregate production. Vibratory screens sift the waste generated in such work conditions so that material can be reused, repurposed, and recycled. This results in useful products in other ways while also minimizing landfill waste and fees.


Storing work tools won’t always happen in secure containers or closets at your headquarters. They also need to be stored safely at the job site when not in use. You can keep them on rolling carts while not in use for easy transport. Smaller tools might just be kept on tool belts your contractors wear.


In order to do accurate and precise work, many contractors are going to need tool accessories. This might just start with pen/pencil and paper. Chalk is also useful in certain circumstances. Sawhorses, ladders, and stools might be necessary to make certain tasks even physically possible. Measuring tapes and multimeters might be things necessary to get precision tasks accomplished. Lighting fixtures might be necessary when there’s not enough illumination as-is to do any work right.

Take care of your tools, and your tools will take care of your contractor company. Store them securely, and use them properly. Depending on the specific tools, you might even want to look into insurance or warranty contracts for them.

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