Car Maintenance Tips to Help You Keep Safe

Car Maintenance Tips to Help You Keep Safe

Car accidents occur every day across the globe. Although most accidents occur due to reckless driving, some are due to the poor maintenance of the vehicle. Here are car maintenance tips to help you keep safe.

Clean your headlights

Checking headlights in the morning to see if they are in working condition is a road safety practice that you have to do. However, cleaning your headlights is practical maintenance to ensure that no debris and gunk will cover the headlights obscuring the view, especially in the dark. Examine the plastic covering the headlights to see if the film has started becoming foggy due to UV light damage. Change them when they start changing yellow as it impairs your vision at night.

Check tires

The excellent condition of your tires determines safety levels during adverse weather conditions. Rain and snow make the road slippery, and worn tires will slip. Rotate and align tires to ensure they even wear out. When the tires start becoming irregular, purchase new tires. Check more frequently in cold weather on tire pressure as they tend to lose pressure faster.

Brake safety

The condition of your brakes determines the safety of your life. In adverse weather conditions, quick and effective functioning of the brakes averts bad accidents that lead to severe injuries. Change brake pads often when they are worn out to avoid bad rotors. When not using the car often, drive around to avoid rust, resulting in ineffective brakes. Make sure professionals like Safe & Knife Co. check and replace if needed.

Wiper blades and Windshield

Wiper blades commonly break down as most crack or tear up after stiffening. Replace them immediately on seeing these signs as it might be a costly mistake when in use and do not wipe adequately, leading to poor visibility and accidents. Keep an eye on the wiper fluid and top it periodically when need be. Please make plans to visit the mechanic after having your windshield broken as it will also lead to poor visibility. 

On the note of visibility, your windshield should also be taken into consideration. Make sure you inspect your windshield at least once every 3-6 months. It is important to check it after a long road trip, especially if you are driving around a lot of semi-trucks. Chips can quickly become large cracks, which jeopardize the integrity of your windshield. If that is the case, take your vehicle to your local windshield repair shop and discuss with them whether or not a windshield replacement is necessary. Often they are able to fix chips and even small cracks.

Check lights

Maintaining your lights is vital to ensure that you are visible to all parties using the roads. Maintaining headlights, taillights, and turn signals will also ensure you are visible, and other drivers can see any signals you make. The good maintenance of your vehicle lighting will help alleviate anxiety while on the road as you can be assured you are seen and can be seen while driving. Use another person to help check on the lighting condition by signaling one at a time and walking around it—note paces between signals and how strong the lighting is, especially during the night.

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