6 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Spring

6 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Spring

Spring is around the corner, hopefully, but before you buy new outdoor furniture, you need to prepare your house. While you may be ready for spring, your house isn’t. Depending on where you live, winter can be hard on your home. Below you will find six tips to get your home spring-ready.

Check the Gutters

In the fall, you have to check the gutters for leaves. In the winter, check your gutters for damage from ice and snow. First, walk around your home to make sure nothing has become detached from the house, especially if you live in an area that has experienced strong winds or winter storms. Check your gutters for any clogs. Also, check your chimney, roof, and make sure water falls away from your foundation.

Repair Windows

Any gaps or cracks around your windows can allow water and insects into your home. Replace old caulking and check the wood around the window. If the wood trim is damaged, replace it. Replacing the old wood trim and old caulk can lower your electric bill by stopping cold air or heat from escaping.

Fix any Cracks

With spring comes the rain. Any cracks in the foundation, patio, or walkway, allow water into the home. Taking the time in early spring to fill in these cracks will save you money in the long run. Another thing you should check is the direction of your walkway and patio slopes. Away from the house is best so the foundation isn’t steeping in water when it rains.

Check the Air Conditioning Unit

Before the temperatures warm up and you find yourself in dire need of your AC unit, make sure it works first. It’s better to know that it works and not need it than to need it and find out it’s broken. Contact a local HVAC contractor for standard maintenance needs. Maintaining your HVAC system requires maintenance twice a year, once during the winter and again in the spring.

Check Outside Lighting

While being locked indoors during the winter months, you probably haven’t had a reason to use your outside lights. This is understandable, but if you plan on spending time outdoors, check that everything is still working. Also, check your outdoor faucets are still in working order.

Fix up the Inside

It’s time for spring cleaning. This includes cleaning every room, removing clutter, dusting, and cleaning the lint out of the dryer vent. If you have a fireplace and it has been in heavy use during the winter, make sure you clean it. You also need to check that your smoke detectors are working.

These six tips above will help you prepare for spring. Doing these tips will ensure your home is ready for warmer weather, and you can focus on gardening and spending time outside.

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