Why Is It Called A Windshield?

Why Is It Called A Windshield?

Like many things in life, a windshield is performing at its best when you don’t notice that it’s there. Without this important component, though, modern driving simply wouldn’t be possible. Have you ever thought about where the term “windshield” originated? By understanding the history of the windshield, you’ll be better prepared to take care of your windshield in the present day.

Protection From the Elements

Since the two words that make up the word “windshield” are “wind” and “shield,” it’s pretty easy to understand one reason why a windshield carries its name. These pieces of laminated glass protect you from wind, to be sure, but they also protect you from anything else that Mother Nature throws at you. Think about how different it would be to ride in a car, for example, if you didn’t have a windshield to protect you from the rain.

Protection From Debris

The “shield” component of a windshield does much more than protect you from the elements. When a rock is flung off of the road and toward your car, your windshield is the device that protects you from serious injury. The speed of impact of some of these pieces of debris is easy to see when they cause cracks that require windshield replacement. If these items were to hit your head at the same speed, you’d be seriously injured or killed.

Protection During Accidents

Since windshields have been in vehicles for such a long time, automakers have learned how to best utilize them to keep you safe. During a crash, your car’s windshield acts as a barrier that helps to shape your airbag to ensure the airbag provides the maximum amount of protection. Since a windshield holds its shape even when it’s broken, automakers can count on this component to be there during a collision and thus they use it to keep you and your passengers safe.


One of the most unique properties of windshields is that they don’t come apart when they break. That’s because every windshield is laminated on both sides using a clear plastic film. Thus, whether you’re in an accident or you encounter an exceptionally large rock at high speed, you don’t have to worry about shards of glass entering the passenger compartment and injuring you or anyone else.

Take Care of Your Windshield

Your windshield works hard to take care of you. It makes sense to put in some effort to take care of your windshield, as well. One of the best things you can do is to keep fresh wiper blades on your car so that the dull wiper blades can’t scratch your windshield. Additionally, if you notice small nicks in your windshield, try to have them repaired so that the nicks don’t grow into large cracks. Take these basic steps, and you can expect your windshield to last a long time.

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