4 Pests That Require A Specialist to Take Care Of

4 Pests That Require A Specialist to Take Care Of

Homes and offices can frequently be invaded by various pests that can wreak havoc or at least make us uncomfortable. Some, like houseflies, can be managed with a swatter and some spray. Others are more pervasive and require professional attention. If you are having trouble managing any of the following, consider calling in the experts for help.


Fleas are often carried indoors on pets who go inside and outside. These small, pesky creatures can also ride into the house on family members’ pant legs or shoes. When they multiply, they infest the furniture, draperies, bedding, and carpets and are difficult to eliminate. A pest control specialist can evaluate the problem and provide the products and recommend techniques that will get rid of these insects pronto. Your yard might also be treated to get rid of the pesky insects.

Insects That Damage Your Home

Wood ants, hornets, and certain kinds of wasps eat wood, and they can damage your outdoor porch or fence as well as indoor attic or wall structures. Getting at their nests is tricky, and a swarming horde can cause serious medical issues or even death to individuals who are allergic to their venom. Consult a termite control expert for a thorough evaluation and comprehensive treatment. Sometimes when a nest is destroyed, these creatures will come back to the same or nearby area and build another. An expert can prevent or treat a secondary infestation.


Mice and rats are unwelcome invaders to many homes and offices. If there is just one, you might be able to trap it and solve the problem. But if the single rodent has given birth, you are in for a major problem. These creatures can reproduce quickly in great numbers, and it won’t take long for a house or facility to be overrun. They tend to be nocturnal and avoid human contact, so if you see one by day, chances are there are several more lurking nearby. Take action immediately to address the problem. Better yet, let the professionals handle it. Rodents can be hard to find and eradicate, but the experts know how to take care of the situation.


One of the most challenging pest problems to deal with is a wildlife invasion. Bats in the chimney or attic and raccoons under the eaves of the roof can be nightmarish to remove and keep out of the structure. A qualified wildlife control specialist can remove these pests and help to prevent their return.

Don’t let bugs, rodents, and wildlife take over your home. Contact the pros who can solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

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