Cost-Effective Tips to Stay Cool Through The Summer Months

Cost-Effective Tips to Stay Cool Through The Summer Months

The summer months are not only uncomfortable because of the heat. Running the air conditioner can be hard on your finances depending on how often you turn it on. In fact, you can be facing even higher energy bills if your air conditioner isn’t functioning at an optimal level.

Fortunately for you, there are some ways you can save money and cool your home at the same time. Here’s a list of cost-efficient ways to save money while you beat the summer heat.

Close Your Window Shades

Natural sunlight is a beautiful and easy way to keep your home well lit, however, this can pose a problem in the summer months. Many people are unaware that sunlight can shine through open or unshaded windows, which subsequently raises the temperature in your home. By closing your shades while the sun is out, you can cut the heat gain by nearly 50 percent. This will put less strain on your air conditioners and fans which will help you avoid having to pay for repair costs.

Maintain Your Filters

Have you ever heard a whistling noise coming from your air conditioner? This is often caused by airflow blockage. One of the most common causes of air blockage is a dirty filter. You should change or clean your filter at least once every summer depending on how often you use your air conditioner. You can also save money if you buy a reusable filter that can be rinsed clean.

Utilize Fans

If you have fans, turning them on will help you minimize costs on your cooling bills. Fans are also a good alternative to leaving your air conditioner on when the sun goes down. On breezier days, you should always use your indoor ceiling fan, especially if you’re the only one home. Circulating cool air throughout your home with a ceiling fan is more cost-effective than simply keeping your air conditioner on all day. Just make sure to dust your fans regularly to prevent them from getting damaged. Handheld fans are also efficient if you don’t have indoor or traditional fans in your home.

Seal Window Leaks

Have you ever noticed cool air blowing but still felt hot? There’s a great chance that your windows have leaks. The same occurs during the winter months when you feel cold with the heat on. Find any leaks and seal them immediately so your air and money don’t slip through the cracks.

If you experience brutal summers, you’ll need to cool yourself down. Simple gestures like making sure your shades are closed and your AC filters are clean can make a big difference in your bills and how cool your home gets. If necessary, speak to a professional about sealing your windows to save money every year.

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