5 Tips For Upgrading Your Home's Garage When You're An Auto Enthusiast

5 Tips For Upgrading Your Home’s Garage When You’re An Auto Enthusiast

Everyone can appreciate a beautiful automobile, whether it’s for the aesthetics or because it gets them from one place to the next. But auto enthusiasts have a special love for cars and that love should be reflected in the place you store those vehicles: the garage. When upgrading your home’s garage, think about these upgrades to help showcase your beauties and have a functional garage too.

Install or Upgrade the Cooling and Heating Systems

You spend a lot of hours with your babies. From working to restore them to keeping them maintained, your cars require a lot of time and effort. And a garage without a cooling system in the summer or heat in the winter can make that time and effort a lot more uncomfortable and difficult.

Install or upgrade the cooling and heating systems in your garage so you can comfortably work on your cars no matter the outside temperature. This will also eliminate worries about whether it’s raining or otherwise unpleasant outside. And as an added bonus, you’ll no longer need to wait for cars to heat up or cool down before taking them out for a spin.

Get a Hydraulic Lift

A professional-grade hydraulic lift will make working on your car’s undercarriage so much easier and more comfortable. The expense will more than pay for itself if you have several cars over the years that go up on the lift. And it can be a big selling point if you ever decide to sell your home to another car enthusiast.

Install Functional Quality Flooring

The typical cement or concrete floor you find in a garage tends to soak up fluid spills such as oil, transmission fluid, and gas. Even if you toss down an absorbent, a visual stain might still remain. Even one such stain can make your garage look dirty and unkempt.

Consider installing epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring looks aesthetically beautiful, offering the visual appeal you want. But it’s also easy to clean, allowing you to clean up any messes quickly and easily with no reminders left behind. It also elevates the whole look of your garage, making the space seem more elegant and comfortable.

Create a Wash and Wax Station

No one wants to wash and wax a car in the driveway when it’s raining, burning hot under the sun, or freezing cold under gray skies. Avoid that and still keep your cars looking their polished best by creating a wash and wax station in the garage. Install a water source and proper drainage system and some shelves for all the essential supplies. Then you can wash and wax your collection to your heart’s content, rain or shine, day or night.

Add a Kitchenette and Bathroom

If you’re in the middle of doing something to one of your cars, the last thing you want to do is go all the way back in the house to clean up, use the bathroom, or get something to eat or drink. Add a little kitchenette with a small fridge with easy-to-grab snacks, lots of water, and a sink for easy cleanup. And a bathroom is handy for more than just your body waste needs. In the event you get a chemical on your skin or in your eyes, a bathroom in the garage will make it easy to quickly get it off your skin or out of your eyes, reducing the chances of permanent damage.

An auto enthusiast’s garage should be more than just a place to store, restore, and maintain your collection. It should be a home for your cars and for you. With the right upgrades, your garage can be as comfortable and welcoming as your home itself.

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