Ingredients In Skin Care Products That Could Worsen Existing Skin Problems

Ingredients In Skin Care Products That Could Worsen Existing Skin Problems

Skin care is a priority for many people. However, as much as we all want a beautiful complexion, some people also suffer from pre-existing skin problems. While most products are gentle enough for most skin types, some products still need to be avoided because they can exacerbate underlying skin issues you might not have even been aware you had. Here are the ingredients in skincare products that could worsen existing skin problems.


Even though they’re found in a variety of products, alcohols can be harmful to your skin. For people suffering with eczema or extremely sensitive skin, applying any type of alcohol can exacerbate the issue. Since alcohol can dry out the skin, it’s important to know what’s in your favorite skincare products prior to application.


Formaldehyde is a gas that has no color but a strong odor. It’s used in various things, like food, toothpaste, and certain skincare products. However, in order to be used in a beauty product, it needs to be mixed with water, which turns it into formalin. Due to how formaldehyde is formulated, it’s safe to use in low quantities. When used in skincare products, it’s typically used as an antibacterial agent. Unfortunately, if too much formaldehyde comes into contact with your skin, it can cause irritation especially if you already have sensitive skin.

Coal Tar

Coal tar is a thick, black, liquid-like substance with a strong scent. This ingredient is composed of hundreds of different compounds and is responsible for adding a more vibrant color to a product. Coal tar is technically safe as many makeup and beauty products contain traces of it. In fact, it’s even prescribed by doctors to help treat the symptoms of psoriasis. However, this ingredient can also cause acne, irritation, and even allergic reactions in particularly bad cases. This is particularly common in people with underlying skin conditions.


Anything with added fragrances should be handled with caution. Not only can they damage your skin, they may also be a health hazard for people suffering from asthma. Some skincare products are artificially scented, which means there are potential dangerous chemicals used to provide a certain scent. If your skin is sensitive, you should always double check what’s in the product prior to use.

Prior to trying any new skincare product, it’s best to check with someone who is a professional in dermatology. A dermatologist can assess your skin and determine what is safe to use and what you should avoid putting on your skin.

Skincare products can help treat acne, get rid of lines, and maintain a healthy appearance. But it’s important to know what goes into the products lest you suffer a reaction. Contact your dermatologist to ensure it is safe to use a certain product.

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