4 Natural Ways to Reduce Back Pain After A Car Accident

4 Natural Ways to Reduce Back Pain After A Car Accident

It is very easy for one to sustain a back or spine injury during a car accident. Unfortunately, back injuries and the pain that come with that take longer to heal than any other accident-inflicted injuries. Seeking medical attention is among the first things that you should do. However, most mainstream doctors can only prescribe a specific form of treatment or therapy to ease the pain after an accident.

While treatment is critical, victims can also consider natural approaches to handle prolonged back pains after a car accident. Here are some of these remedies that can help you go through the healing process.

Massage and Chiropractic Therapy

Massaging the back can go a long way to accelerate the healing process. The back muscles allow blood to flow smoothly after massaging. It reduces pain and soothes any soreness in the injured area. Massaging is an ideal way to induce relaxation and relieve any tension, which reduces irritation.

You may want to seek the attention of an accident chiropractor to help you with the back pain issue. Such experts have the experience to handle back muscle pains using natural approaches.

Essential Oils

Essential oils include ingredients from a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and plants. You can use essential oils to massage your back and induce relaxation to the injured area. Remember, most oils are also known for their sweet aroma, which has unmatched therapeutic value.

Experts have discovered that oils such as peppermint, lavender, and rosemary reduce swelling after an injury has occurred. They help lower blood flow issues and allow for accelerated healing to take place.

There are different options for using essential oils, and among them is adding them to the bathing water. It is prudent to dilute the oils before using them for the best results. Experts recommend mixing a few drops with warm water before rubbing them to the injured area.


Even though your therapist may recommend rest, you do not have to remain idle all the time. You can do some simple to mild exercises. However, do not engage in any strenuous activities such as weight lifting. Try taking short evening or morning walks or other simple exercises that do not strain your back.

The Use of Heat and Cold Compresses

Taking a warm or cold shower can help reduce back pains in an unimaginable way. Use a thermal wrap or a heating pad to relax your muscles. Such a therapy calms the nerves, soothing the back to reduce pain. It improves blood flow, which is critical for the healing process. Employ this approach to prevent the injured area from inflammation as it eliminates excessive fluids.

Unlike medical approaches, natural ways do not have side effects. It only requires commitment and discipline to achieve your objectives. Talk to your therapists to understand the best option for your case.

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