4 Ways to Make Your Car Look Like New Again

4 Ways to Make Your Car Look Like New Again

You know how it goes: you buy a car you’re proud of, but after a few months of driving around town, you notice something odd – the car is filthy! For car lovers who want their automobile to look impeccable 24/7, here are four tips to achieve the ‘fresh-off-the-lot’ look. 

Cleaning and Detailing

Even if it may seem painfully obvious, most car owners don’t clean their cars regularly. The easiest and most cost-effective way to make your car look like you drove it off the lot again is by giving it a thorough cleaning. Before you grab a bucket and water, here’s what to consider:

  • Clean in the shade
  • Separate cleaning solutions and water
  • Utilize the top-down method
  • Use a microfiber towel when drying your car
  • After you’ve removed dirt and the car is dry, consider applying wax to make the exterior pop

Exterior Recovery

As a car owner, you’re going to face damage to the exterior of your automobile at some point. Whether it’s dented from a hail storm, a cracked windshield or a scratch from a rogue shopping cart, these eyesores will drive you nuts. For this reason, developing a relationship with an auto body repair specialist is a no-brainer.

Paint Restoration

Do you have a car that you love, but the paint is starting to fade and become unsightly? If so, paint restoration should be your next investment! In general terms, paint restoration is restoring your car’s paint to its original state. Whether your paint has faded from sun exposure, rocks dinging it on the highway or the oxidation process has kicked in, paint restoration can take your car from zero to hero in no time.

New Air Filters

Do you suffer from chronic allergies, coughs, or runny noses? If so, you may have a dirty air filter in your car. An effective way to improve the air quality inside of the cabin while driving is changing out your air filters regularly. More importantly, a clean air filter provides proper ventilation to the engine bay, keeps your spark plugs fresh, and eliminates toxic emissions. While your needs may vary, specialists recommend changing out your filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

By following the steps and strategies above, you’ll have the best-looking car in the neighborhood. Never again turn your head in embarrassment from your dirty, grimy car.

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