Pick Your Pack: What You Should Look For In A New Hunting Backpack

Pick Your Pack: What You Should Look For In A New Hunting Backpack

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, picking the right hunting backpack is confusing and difficult. There are many options and brands to pick from, and it is challenging to find the perfect fit for your situation. Here are some ideas to help guide you towards your next purchase.


Trekking in the snow or through the dense forest is even more difficult with an uncomfortable pack back. A comfortable pack is sturdy but should not feel overly heavy. Look for a strong frame and a hip belt that does not rub against you uncomfortably.


The ability to carry all of your hunting gear without the pack ripping is a big concern. The last thing you want is to have your materials spill out leaving you without any way to carry them safely home. However, you shouldn’t assume heavy backpacks are more durable than lighter ones. Do plenty of research to determine the quality of the backpack and how they are made.


The organization of a backpack is key, especially for targeted hunting trips such as waterfowl hunting. A waterfowl hunting backpack will need many compartments for different supplies ranging from a duck whistle to binoculars. The pockets should be sturdy and large enough to contain all of your supplies even when you’re standing in the middle of a marsh. You should also factor in storage for food and water, depending on the length of your outing.


You’ll need a backpack that can keep up with the demands of a rugged environment. Snow, sleet, and rain will quickly absorb through a cheap backpack and end your trip prematurely. Ammunition, stakes, and cases will puncture poor quality material. Look for high-quality fleece or nylon that is water repellant and has high tear strength. The noise certain materials make is also an important factor to consider. The slightest rustle can deter your potential target, so you’ll want to find a material that absorbs a lot of the ruffling while you are hunting.

Choosing the right hunting backpack is a challenging feat when you don’t know what to look for. From the animals you will hunt to the environment you will be in, it is important to identify your needs before you start shopping. The correct hunting backpack will make your experience more enjoyable. Once you make your purchase, double check your hunting list to avoid back and forth trips.

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