4 Best Methods For A Healthy Lawn

4 Best Methods For A Healthy Lawn

There’s nothing like the welcoming look of a healthy and well-manicured lawn. Sometimes, though, keeping your lawn healthy can be an uphill battle. However, by using tried and true tactics, you can achieve success with your lawn. To help you have the best yard in the neighborhood, here are the four best methods to maintain a healthy lawn.

Water the Roots

Hopefully, you’ll receive enough rain during the growing season that you’ll never have to worry about putting your sprinkler out. Unfortunately, this condition rarely occurs. Therefore, when you do put your sprinkler on your lawn, it’s important to let it run for long periods. This allows the water to penetrate the soil and hydrate the roots of the grass, which will help the grass to thrive.

Mow Correctly

Lawn mowing is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Mowing your lawn correctly, though, can be the difference between a great lawn and a so-so lawn. Make sure not to remove more than one-third of the height of each blade of grass each time you mow, even if you have to mow more frequently to maintain your desired height. Removing more than this will over-stress your grass, which can put it at risk of disease. If you’re unable to do this yourself, you can schedule lawn maintenance services to come and cover general maintenance on a schedule for you.

Let it Breathe

Just like other plants, your grass needs to receive plenty of air to thrive. That’s why it’s important to dethatch and aerate your lawn at least once a year. Dethatching removes dead grass from the base of the plants, while aeration creates small holes in your lawn to allow air to penetrate to the roots of the grass. Together, these tasks will help you promote good root growth, which will result in a more robust lawn.

Fertilize for Your Soil Type

Anyone can roll over their grass with a fertilizer cart. A true lawn guru, though, knows that you have to fertilize for your soil type. This means you need to take samples of your soil and send them off for testing. Once you receive the results, you can customize your fertilization routine so that you can ensure that your grass is receiving the correct nutrients.

When the sun is beating down on you, and you’re in the middle of the lawn-beautifying process, you may question if it’s all worth the effort. However, when you’ve completed the process, and you’re rewarded with a beautiful, lush lawn that you can enjoy with your friends and family, you’ll know it was worth every minute. Don’t give up, then, even when the going gets tough.

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