4 Ways To Make Your Car More Sanitary

4 Ways To Make Your Car More Sanitary

When you think about it, you spend hours in your car each week. Whether your car is used for a daily commute or for weekend trail running, it should always be clean and sanitary. Keeping dirt and germs out of your car helps to maintain its longevity. You’ll also feel better knowing that your car is safe for your friends and family.

Designate a Dirty Area

In today’s world, you may need to think about where you leave common items. For instance, your work clothes could be harboring dangerous germs. Have a plastic bin in the trunk to stash your scrubs and dirty outerwear to keep those things separate from the rest of your car accessories.

Protect the Flooring

Your shoes are one of the dirtiest items of clothing that you can bring into your car. As you walk through various places, your shoes pick up dirt, mud and other particles. They also can harbor invisible germs that get stuck in the carpet fibers of the floor. Since you should always drive with your shoes on, your best option is to use car floor mats. These are easily removable, and washing them is as simple as spraying them down at the car wash. Debris is also easier to vacuum up if your feet do track some dirt inside.

Wipe Down Hot Spots

Your car also has areas that you touch on a regular basis. Door handles should be given the same level of care regarding hygiene as you give the doorknobs in your house. The interior sides of the doors, dashboard controls and steering wheel are other hot spots that tend to accumulate germs. Give these areas a complete wipe down at least once a week. If you share your vehicle or engage in activities that expose you to germs or toxic chemicals, then you may need to wipe these areas down more often.

Use Caution with Food and Drinks

Spilled food and drinks aren’t just sticky. They can also serve as a breeding ground for bacteria if they are allowed to sit in warm or moist conditions. Try to limit how often you bring food or beverages into your car. If you do decide to carry a bite to eat with you, then take precautions such as using lids for your drinks.

Your car should feel like an extension of your home. Make sure to keep it just as clean as you would your living room, and you’ll never have to worry about transferring germs during your drive. A sanitary car also looks amazing, and you’ll love getting compliments on how beautiful the interior looks when you give someone a ride.

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