Finding The Perfect Gift When You're A Terrible Gift-Giver

Finding The Perfect Gift When You’re A Terrible Gift-Giver

Gifts give us the opportunity to show someone we love just how important they are to us on their special day (or on a not so special day, too). However, not all of us are particularly great at buying presents. If you’ve failed in the past, it’s time to get it right. Here are four tips on how to find the perfect gift when you’re a terrible gift-giver.

Enlist Help

Find someone who knows your loved one well and get them to help you find birthday gifts for her. Pick someone they admire greatly and who knows her well. They may be able to go shopping with you.

Listen and Pay Attention

If you pay attention, you may learn exactly what someone wants without asking them directly. When watching television together, pay attention to commercials they seem to take notice of. You can also get clues by just listening to them talk. You should also pay attention to the things they already have. This can both tell you what they like and what they no longer need.

Think About It Early

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to pick a present. You may end up with grocery store flowers and subpar chocolates. Instead, you should think about your gift well before you plan to give it to them. Consider the money you want to spend and start looking into gifts in your spare time. When you plan ahead, you’re more likely to nail the gift.

Get Sentimental

Unless the person you’re buying a gift for is one for the finer things in life, you should emphasize sentimentality over cost. Look for something that will demonstrate how well you know them and how much you care. Think about the things that matter most to them and let that guide you in the gift-buying process.

It’s All About Delivery

The delivery of the present is almost as important as the present itself. Make sure to wrap it up nicely to improve presentation. You also want to pick the right time and environment. Decide whether you want to give it to them alone or in front of friends and family. Once you make that decision, you can move forward with a plan.

It’s okay if you haven’t been the best gift-giver in the past. Just acknowledge your lack of talent in this area and do something about it for the next time you’re looking for a gift.

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