5 Best Air Purifying Plants That Can Act as an Aid to Your Artificial Air Purifiers

People who are living in the cities are cursed with most of the respiratory disorders. The exhaust from the industries and vehicles along with the smog contribute heavily to air pollution. And a lot of people spend almost 90% of their time indoors. Owing to is you should know that the air inside your home should be clean enough to let you breathe. Most people choose artificial air purifiers for the cause, but when it is about affordability and convenience, nothing can beat the charm of air-purifying plants.

How plants do magic?

If you think that the air purifier and the plants would be doing the same job and why do you need both of them, then you are right. But both of these filter different things. The HEPA filter removes pet dander, pollen, and other minute particles, but when it comes to removing certain gases, they don’t work.

Whereas plants not only filter the microscopic toxins, but they can also remove gases like that of Benzene, Xylene and give you a safe spot from the smog and air pollution. Amongst the plight of pollution, the solutions for overcoming pollution are also quite evident as you can buy pots and planters online. Plants remarkably absorb air through their stomata and lenticels to assist in photosynthesis. There are some plants that not only eliminate CO2 but also eradicate other gases that are harmful to our health.

You will feel the freshness, the cheerful vibe inside your monotonous walls, and for a good reason, you will find an enjoyable hobby as well. Here are some supplementing air purifier plants that can add an element of fresh air in your home. Have a look!

1.    Devil’s Ivy

The decorative hanging baskets accommodating Devil’s Ivy isn’t for catching the attention of the visitors, they can filter a lot of harmful pollutants as an aid to your home air purification.

2.    Florist’s Chrysanthemum

These eye-pleasing plants come in a bewildering range of users and are a trendy choice for indoor plants. They filter ammonia and toluene along with CO2 from the air. You can buy this beautiful air purifying plant online too to change your home environment in the most applicable natural way.

3.    Red-Edged Dracaena

Upon maturation, this upright shrub produces small white flowers and reddish-orange berries. The red-edged dracaena is an extremely low maintenance plant and is known to filter airborne particles like that of benzene trichloroethylene and xylene.

4.    Bamboo Palm

If you have to make a list of plants that filter out formaldehyde, then Bamboo palm would surely top the list. Mostly these plants survive in the bright light, so don’t forget to leave the curtains open.

5.    Aloe Vera

Along with the miraculous healing abilities, aloe vera is also known to have an excellent credibility for purifying the air. The silver lining is that these plants grow faster as compared to any other supplements, and they look terrific.

Powerful air-purifying plants for a better surrounding indoors

The colourful plants that you have in your home have a lot more to do than being pretty. Beyond adding to the aesthetics of your home, some of the best air-purifying plants can also make the air inside your living space more breathable. So choose the right plant that matches your vibe and purifies the air along with your air purifier.

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