6 New Ways to Design & Decor High-spirited Meeting Rooms in Your Office

There’s no dissenting from the fact that meetings aren’t a pleasant affair at all and in such circumstances when you make your meeting room dull and boring, surviving in the meeting room is itself a dilemma. How is someone supposed to be creative or attentive when meeting rooms themselves look like an ultimate despair?

You can’t let yourself waste your talent that you have cultivated in your organization. So investing on the office interior decoration is inevitable for having an attractive meeting room that looks bewitching, professional and relaxing. Below given are top 6 office interior decor ideas inspired from the leading office designs all across the globe for getting a soul for your soulless meeting room:

1.    Casual is the new trend

Rather than sticking on to a meeting room that has no great shakes, you can always have a casual meeting room for less serious vibes and more attention. Just replace the old serious stuff like that of wooden flooring or the boring wall tiles and neutral shades with grass or something more as shown below.

2.    Indulge Style

Just like the Drop Box office in San Francisco that took creativity blended with style to a completely different level, you too can create a fresh work environment that has drawn impetus from stylish and functional designs incorporated with art to maximize the overall functionality. Bringing back the school theme the meeting rooms had chalkboard walls and a back to the future theme. Try to replicate them with a twist or just try your own fresh design. The choice is yours!


3.    Who asks for chairs?

Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco literally took the level concept way too seriously! The metal table along with the six wooden chairs are hung to the ceiling just like a swing. So the meeting would basically be up in the air with the delegates and the clients. Doesn’t that sound fun?

4.    Make it creative

This is the Airbnb Office in Dublin that took creativity to completely another level. The architect here chose to organize the space in different pods and nooks and the individual pods served as the meeting rooms. The silver lining are the glass walls that connected these meeting rooms to the rest of the office and made the space look absolutely stunning.

5.    Preach Sophistication

Aiming at sophistication is the best thing to do in a professional environment. With the elegant look CDS came up with an indifferent spiral design for the meeting office in Tokyo. You can draw inspiration from their or indulge the designs as per your own will.

6.    Transparency is the best policy

ISIS aimed to depict their vision of transparency through glass walls and elegant meeting rooms with spacious seating areas and with elegant features and wooden flooring served with rectangular area rugs on the center.

Playful meeting rooms mean for more effective meetings

Having an office environment that makes everyone feel comfortable and creating a pleasant meeting space has a lot to do with how a meeting is perceived and how it goes. Picking the best office interior designer near you can give a whimsical twist to this exhausting space and check all the boxes from skills, creativity to attention, perspective and ideas of any individual in the meeting room.

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