How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case


Being charged with a crime can be a traumatic and frightening experience. Whatever your situation, the right criminal defense attorney can help you get the best possible outcome. Utilize these strategies to find the best criminal defense attorney to assist with your case.

Do Some Research

The first step you should take is to conduct some research into criminal defense attorneys in your area. Factors you can take into account include past success rates, reviews from previous clients and notable qualifications. You can also ask for recommendations from anyone you know who has needed to retain the services of an attorney in the past. Once you have narrowed down the list of potential attorneys, you can begin inquiring further with each of them.

Look For A Specialist

Defense attorneys commonly specialize in certain types of criminal cases, so naturally, you should focus your search on attorneys that handle your kind of case. For example, if you are facing a DUI or traffic violation, you should consult with a traffic lawyer or DUI attorney. DUI attorneys such as Barry W Engle PC can explain your rights, offer legal advice and represent you in court if the case goes to trial. A specialist will be more familiar than a generalist when it comes to the specific laws that apply to your case.

Have Consultations

You want to find a lawyer whom you can trust and feel comfortable working with on your case. The best lawyers don’t try and dazzle their clients with legalese—they instead help their clients understand complex legal situations and what options exist. You should schedule a consultation with any attorney you are seriously considering hiring. This will help you get a strong idea of their personality, expertise and work style. Be certain to confirm during these consultations which attorney is going to be the one representing you in court.

Get Their Rates

Attorneys understand that clients want to have a strong sense from the start regarding what the cost of legal services will be. You should inquire into the rates each attorney charges to get an estimate of total costs. Most defense attorneys charge an hourly rate, although some might have other payment structures or additional fees. You shouldn’t choose an attorney based on price alone, but financial constraints might limit your options.

Hiring the best criminal defense attorney to handle your case is paramount. The right representation will help ensure any charges have the least amount of impact on your life as possible. With some careful research and screening, the right choice will become apparent to you.

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