Finding the Positives in Social Work

We can all probably agree on a national level that social work news we see on TV and read in the newspapers is hardly ever joyous. On one hand we may be hearing about the devastating effects of cuts to health and social care jobs; or hearing about bureaucratic problems in social care, such as work being constantly disrupted by case management systems. It can be extremely easy to get bogged down in this doom and gloom. If you are working in social care, then this can seriously demoralise you, and stop you from performing to the best of your ability. While if you’re considering social care as a possible career path, this sort of news is sure to deter you. Therefore, let’s try and balance things out a bit and look at some of the more positive aspects of working in social care, and what makes it such a fulfilling role.

First and foremost, it cannot be stated enough how much of a genuine difference social work can do for the wellbeing of those that the care is provided for. There are only a few different types of jobs where you get to witness this direct positive change you are causing on a daily basis. This can be an extremely powerful motivator when you are having a bad day in social work.

The chances of mundanity within social work are very slim, with each client/case being unique in one way or another. Compared to other jobs, it can be rare to get this level of variety on a day to day basis. This variety, in terms of work, is also a variety of different types of people you get to meet and help. Forming these different caring relationships can only ever add more to the job satisfaction as you make those genuine positive changes within client’s lives.

The comradery found in social care is one of the highest you can find in any profession. Having these tight bonds with those that you work with cannot be taken for granted. Of course there are plenty of hardships within this sector of work, but the working relationships with your fellow colleagues can help overcome these problems. As well as your coworkers being empathetic with you when problems occur, going a long way.

So make sure when you’re considering the hardships of social work you also take the time to look at the more positive and unique aspects of this type of work too.

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