5 Points to Remember while Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for your Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is one of the fastest growing specialities in India. However, because of this popularity there are many untrained individuals attempting to perform these complicated procedures. The only professionals approved to provide cosmetic surgery are plastic surgeons and not any other speciality of doctor. In this article, we guide you on choosing the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore for your treatment.

Is the doctor board certified?

It is important to make sure your plastic surgeon is in fact A PLASTIC SURGEON. The only degrees of plastic surgery approved by the medical council of India are DNB and MCH in plastic surgery.

As there is no specific qualification to be a cosmetic surgeon, other specialists can use the phrase to hide their real qualifications. Since cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure, it requires specialised expertise, and hence proper training of the operating surgeon becomes important. Many doctors with general surgery or other medical training can switch to cosmetic surgery simply for greater profits. So, it becomes important to be sure of the qualifications before deciding on a good doctor.

Cosmetic surgeons are part of larger organisations to stay up to date on the latest updates in the industry to provide you with the best services. Some of these include Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI), Indian association of aesthetic plastic surgeons (IAAPS) and International society of aesthetic plastic surgeons (ISAPS).

But simply a board certification is not enough.

Check for the doctors training in cosmetic surgery

To be able to provide you with great results, doctors often train with the best in the fields. A good cosmetic surgeon learns the best techniques under the most highly experienced surgeons to hone their craft. This training provides a cosmetic surgeon with the skills & the expertise to provide you with great results.

Also, plastic surgery is a vast field with sub specializations including microsurgery, hand surgery, cleft surgery, burn surgery, trauma surgery and cosmetic surgery. If your surgeon has had further training in cosmetic surgery (either nationally or internationally) then you can be more certain of a better outcome.

Be sure to check/verify the doctors experience.

Most doctors are available online. Their websites provide a platform to showcase their patient/results. Be sure to check the past patients and the results provided by the cosmetic surgeon before selecting one. The past patients will be able to provide you with a first-hand experience of their procedure to allow you to make a better choice.

Now, obviously, a doctor cannot share patient details, and it depends entirely on the patient. Nowadays most patients share their experiences on different platforms, making these an invaluable resource during your research.

Get a sense of the doctor during the consultation

Different people like different things. Same is the case with aesthetic sense. We have to understand that cosmetic surgery are aesthetic procedures, meant for improving your aesthetics in most cases. Then it becomes important to select a doctor that has a similar view of aesthetics as you. If your aesthetic senses are in sync, the doctor will be able to provide much better results that look more appealing to your eye.

  • Look at before-after photos of the surgeon’s past patients.
  • Look out for patients that had the same procedure as your performed on them.
  • See the differences & improvements from patient to patient, to understand the consistency or improvement in the doctor’s work.

Meet the surgeon & the staff

Finally, it becomes very important to feel comfortable with your surgeon before the procedure. Talk to the surgeon and clarify all your doubts. Talk to the support staff and understand their expertise. Since it’s a surgery, there are chances of complications, so be sure to ask the doctor about any possible complications that may arise during the procedure. If the surgeon is able to clarify your doubts, & you feel safe undergoing the procedure, go ahead with the surgery.

These are some of the tips that have helped us find the best plastic surgery clinic in Bangalore. If you have some, please share them with us through the comment box below.

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