Worst Transfer Deadline Deals

Transfer deadline day is one of the most probably one of the most exciting days in football. Fans from all around the country are glued to their mobile devices constantly scouring social media to see if any news has landed about potential signings to their teams. Fans will be hoping they don’t lose a star player or they’re able to pull of a shock signing or two at the last minute. Some teams are smart and operate early in the transfer window, while other teams decide to scramble in the final hours to look for new signings and end up doing lacklustre deals. Here we’re are going to round up some of the worst deadline day deals in premier league history.

Robinho (Real Madrid to Manchester City, £32.5m, summer 2008)

This deal was one of the deals that made deadline day as famous as it is today in England. The Blues were just recently bought my super-rich Sheikh Mansour’s Abu Dhabi group & stunned the footballing world by acquiring Brazilian samba footballer Robinho from Real Madrid who reportedly thought he was on his way to Chelsea. Brokered by football agent, Chris Nathaniel, Robinho, somewhat confused that he ended up in Manchester announced how delighted he was to be playing for Manchester City. However, his time in England is something that he may want to forget.

Andy Carroll (Newcastle United to Liverpool, £35m, winter 2011)

At the time this was a somewhat confusing deal that had fans asking the question ‘Why’. Liverpool’s star striker Fernando Torres demanded to leave the reds a few days before the deadline. Needing a replacement fast Liverpool decided to turn their attention to Newcastle’s Andy Carrol and pay a then hefty fee of £35million. As the years go by we can only laugh at how much of calamitous deal this was and. The deal was so bad that it became a punchline in England. Carroll lasted 3 years at Anfield scoring only 6 Premier League goals

Fernando Torres (Liverpool to Chelsea, £50 million, winter 2011)

This is probably the crème of the crème of bad deadline day deals. Is it possible the two worst deadline day deals in history happened in the same window? Well, I think so. Fernando Torress was a fan favourite at Anfield, taking the Premier League by storm notching 81 goals in 142 appearances over four seasons for Liverpool. However, Torres demanded a move to Stamford Bridge & Liverpool could do nothing else but accept the offer of £50 million. Torres was a major flop for Chelsea and only netted 20 times in 110 appearances. Torres’s time at Chelsea has become the butt of all transfer deadline day jokes.

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