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10 Oh So Handsome Looks For A Man To Grab Anyone’s Attention

Men’s Fashion industry is on a boom, where guys are now comfortable with the fact that they spend equally as much as time, thinking out their outfits and their looks as women. So we have listed top 10 looks that will help you gain attention from all the girls no matter where you go. Who doesn’t like a little attention every now and then? But trying extra hard and selecting from the billions of ramp looks can get tricky. Chances are pretty slim that you will be able to carry all the looks with the same confidence and grace like those supermodels.

However, it seems like men’s wear is getting bolder and bolder with each passing year. Today men are also into fashion equally as women. So, we have listed some tips that can help you buy Mens Clothes that will only make them more handsome.

1. Under Cut Hair

This is the ‘it’ hairstyle for men, everyone from Justin Bieber to Shahid Kapoor has been donning this hairstyle. It looks exceptionally good on people with sharp face structures.

2. Casual Sportswear

This is also amongst the most popular look that you will come across. This is a comfortable look, which you can wear for a breakfast meal or a routine gym visit. This is a must buy cloth as you can stay cozy and comfy in this attire at the same time. Girls also seem to think that Nike joggers can beat any denim any day.

3. Ripped Jeans

There is just something magical about ripped jeans which give away a worn out look that just makes guys appear more good looking. You can buy clothes from any brand, and get a casual as well as a formal look, by wearing them with your T shirts or your shirts. You don’t have to think too much about carrying this look, as it is casual and in style right now. However, just make sure that you don’t go for extremely ripped, where hardly any denim material is in intact.

4. Formal Shirts

This classic trend has the power of transforming man, into a more handsome version of himself. Who doesn’t like men in uniform? Formals are often considered as weakness for women, who can’t help but fall in love with the guy. This shirt and pant combo is likely to stay forever in style so make sure you roll up your sleeves and put a smile whenever a girl smiles at you.

5. Overalls

Looking for something casual yet extremely stylish, then this is it for you. Last year Chance the Rapper brought back overalls for men in style. This year Ranveer Singh brought back this trend in India and now guys are falling in love with these designs. Wear a cool graphic tee or pull a jacket on your overalls and you will be all set to hit the streets like it’s your fashion show. You can buy clothes or overalls, online from all the top shopping brands around the globe.

6. Wide Legs Trousers

These loose trousers are perfect summer clothing item which can help you stay comfortable. This trouser is made to give a loose fit that looks good on formal shirts. You can also try out different shades in these trousers. These trousers offer you the same comfort as of your pajamas.

7. Vertical Stripes

Stripes have always been a staple of menswear clothing, be it casual or formal clothes, you will see them everywhere if you go to any men clothing shopping mall. The stripes can really pull off any style be it bold or subtle. A classic V neck T shirt on a vertical stripe pants with a solid colored blazer and you are good forattending any party or any wedding near you.

8. Bomber Jackets

The casual look that is served by this jacket can’t be matched by any leather biker jacket. These jackets are soft smooth and very comfortable to wear. This jacket is also appropriate for your daily use as well as your office use. Just wear them on your turtle neck sweater or your joggers and you will be good to go.

9. Printed T Shirts

Who doesn’t like a witty guy, who can wear his sense of humor on his chest? These t shirts are also a great way to start a conversation and put a perspective on others. You can buy clothes online from any site, which is dedicated to printed T-Shirts as they would have better and more variety to offer compared to other brands.

10. Cuban Collar

This is amongst the latest fashion trend in 2017, which has become a popular sight on ramp walks. They give a hip hop, comfortable look, which gives a vacation vibe. Wear this shirt under a blazer and carry a cigar around, you will look like a handsome don of 20th century Cuba.


These are some of the most trending looks of this season, which can raise your style quotient by 3 percent on the scale. You can buy mens clothes of the above mentioned designs from any online or offline sight in the country. So, go ahead and try these looks and turn heads everywhere you go.

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