Role And Responsibilities Of Civil Engineers In Society

Most people around the world are not aware of the important role civil engineers play within the society. They are the experts who are responsible for designing, building and renovating the infrastructure, these individuals need for a safe and comfortable life. These constructions also act as a catalyst in enhancing economic growth in many countries. Without such essential facilities, progress human beings endeavor to make would come to a halt. In fact, many of structures they specialists create become national symbols such as Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Tower of London, the Pyramids of Egypt and Eiffel Tower in France.

V. Reddy Kancharla is a reputed civil engineer from Briarcliff Manor, New York in America with more than 25 years of valuable experience in the fields of civil construction and geotechnical consultation. In addition to this, many practitioners of his profession regard him as the most sought after expert in the areas of construction quality assurance and control. He is responsible for developing and executing various quality systems in the field of construction in accordance with ISO standards. He is the brainchild behind the design, development and building of many infrastructure projects. These include numerous high-rise apartments in the city of New York, the USTA National Tennis Center, Terminals 1, 4, 5 and 7 of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport and Yankee Stadium.

He explains that civil engineers play critical role in any civil society around the world. These professionals have the following duties and responsibilities:

Assessing the site location for a construction project

These experts are responsible for carrying out a thorough analysis and evaluation of the site location for a particular infrastructure project. This implies testing the soil conditions in the area to ensure that the ground can withstand the load of the structure. Moreover, they need to guarantee that building is safe for human use and is durable enough to endure the test of time.

Designing an viable plan for the construction project

The second most important task civil engineers need to perform is to design a viable plan for the construction project where they consider various factors that will affect it. Moreover, if these experts find that they need to carry out certain changes to make sure it is safe for public use, they will do it in this stage.

Prepare a proper outlay

At this stage, civil engineers need to prepare a comprehensive outlay of the construction project keeping in mind the requirements of their clients. In addition to this, they need to go out of their way to review the necessary designs and subsequent reports to identify any potential risks. They must also ensure that they comply with the statutory rules and regulation that authorities lay down for such projects in order to get their approval before starting the construction.

V. Reddy Kancharla goes on to say civil engineers play a vital role in ensuring the effective implementation of various buildings and infrastructure projects for human use. The leadership skills of such professionals act as catalyst in ensuring the hassle-free execution of such assignments to ensure society advances.

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