How You Can Own Gaming Computer At Lower Cost

How You Can Own Gaming Computer At Lower Cost

Video games are becoming more and more familiar these days, while people prefer PlayStations and other heavy gaming machines, some people still like to play high graphics games on computers. Today, high-end games are being released day after day, these high graphics and demanding video games require high-end computer hardware as well.

while many people criticize gaming for addiction and ill effect on health, there are many benefits of playing games like developing decision-making skills, boosting memory, reducing stress and depression etc.

High-end gaming computers are not affordable to everyone, as these days games require high-quality graphics, a lot of RAM and other expensive computer parts, which are sold at a high price by many computer manufacturers. However, there is an option to save money, if you want to own a high-end gaming computer, by buying computer parts online, according to your gaming requirements.

You can prefer to assemble gaming computer yourself and avoid buying pre-built one. In order to buy computers parts online, you need to have some knowledge about specifications of a computer that will be able to run every modern game and be capable of supporting games that will be released in future.

A computer consists of many parts that work together to make it run. It should be borne in mind that while buying computer parts online for making a gaming computer, they should be compatible with each other. There are many options available for buying computer parts online, but let’s get acquainted with main parts of a computer.


A motherboard, as the name implies is the central or main communication center of a computer. Every other part or component of a computer is attached to it and then they work together. It is the platform on which every part of computer communicates with other parts.

Buying a gaming motherboard requires wise decision because you will later need to upgrade your gaming computer, so it should support every upgraded computer in future. While Buying a motherboard, you should consider the number of ports, the number of expansion card slots etc.



Processor or CPU (central processing unit) is the brain of a computer. It makes all other parts run and it’s intelligent architecture controls and gives instructions to other parts. With time processors are getting more and more sophisticated to handle heavy computer programs and, obviously, they are also designed to run many high-end games. At the time of buying a processor, you should check its speed in terms of GHZ, its number of cores and obviously manufacturer.

RAM ( Random Access Memory)


Have you ever thought why one computer runs slow and other fast? Why a game is supported on one computer and not on the other? There are many factors, but the memory of computer or RAM is the main responsible part for it. Computer memory is measured in bytes, and higher the memory greater the gaming experience. RAMs come in 4 Gb (gigabytes) 8 Gb variants and also the technology like DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4, chronologically. You can combine RAMs to increase the memory of your computer, depends on the number of RAM slots the motherboard has.

HDD (Hard disk Drive)

It is a non-volatile, secondary computer memory that saves data. Today, there are Hard drives in TeraBytes and Zettabytes. It is needed to store the important files that are loaded while a computer runs.

Graphics Card

graphics card

Graphics card is very important for playing heavy games on PC, in old days, there used to be on board graphics; however, with an increase in size and complexity of graphics in video games and movies, separate graphics cards are used. It has two parts one video memory and other GPU (graphics processing unit). Today there are very costly graphics cards available for playing high-end games.

While buying computer parts online, you should always remember to buy components compatible with each other and should get it assembled by an expert person.

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