4 Interesting Statistics About Pedestrian Accidents

Chances are that you know someone who has been involved in a pedestrian accident. They are more common than you would think! With so many cars on the road, especially in urban areas, the chances of being involved in a pedestrian accident are high.

1. Take a guess: How many people were killed in 2014 in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes?

If you guessed 4,884 people, then you are correct. That is almost 5000 people who lost their lives in pedestrian accidents! An additional 65,000 pedestrian injuries were reported in the year, ranging from minor to nearly catastrophic. That amounts to nearly one pedestrian accident every eight minutes in the United States, and one fatal accident every two hours. Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, that gives you something to think about.

2. Nighttime is the worst time for pedestrian accidents

As you can imagine, the majority of pedestrian accidents in the United States happen at night. This can be attributed to reduced visibility, both on the part of the driver and the pedestrian. Research shows that 72% of accidents will take place between 6pm and 12am. Almost half of these accidents were a result of impaired driving AND impaired pedestrian activity due to alcohol.

For those who were not impaired, the lack of reflective clothing could have been a serious contributing factor. Drivers should be hyper aware when driving of night, not only of their own behavior but of those around them.

3. Syracuse is a safe place for pedestrians; Knoxville, not so much

According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA), Moreno Valley, CA has the lowest pedestrian accident rates in the country, while Birmingham, AL is the absolute worst. The larger cities like Chicago, New York City, Houston and Philadelphia fall about in the middle of the spectrum, which is to be expected for large cities where there is increased foot and vehicular traffic.

4. Urban men beware: you are more likely to be hurt or killed

The NHSTA has also found that men are more likely to be involved in and injured by a pedestrian accident. In 2011 alone, 70% of pedestrian accident deaths were male, while the injury rates were 24 to 20 compared to females. Studies have shown that urban areas are more likely to produce pedestrian deaths, at a rate of 73 percent, as opposed to rural towns.

The majority of these deaths were found to be at non-intersection locations, which means that jaywalkers were more likely to lose their lives to pedestrian/motor vehicular collisions than those who followed traffic rules.

Pedestrian accidents are no joke. Each year thousands of people lose their lives, while thousands more will find themselves injured, unable to work, go to school, or enjoy their lives as they one did. When you find yourself involved in a pedestrian accident, there is no time to waste in researching your legal options. Getting the law on your side can help you get your life back on track and into the fast lane once again.

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