What Is Needed To Win Customers In Hospitality Sector

Behavior matters in any segment. Nowadays with busy schedule people drops in at hospitality outlets more.  A customer satisfaction is the most crucial part to keep this sort of business going. If a customer returns with a smiling face, be sure that he/she will come back later on.

It is not only the food which matters but the way a customer is treated in a restaurant matters the most. Susie Rachele, the General Manager of Buttermilk Kitchen has trained her staffs to be polite. She has taught the employees the value of customer satisfaction. That is why one can expect a world class treatment while visiting this restaurant.

There are few skills needed to win over a customer forever :

  • High patience level : Everyone likes to be heard. A customer will reach out when confused, listening patiently helps to earn appreciation
  • Being attentive : Listening every word of the customer makes the person feel important and in turn it helps the staff to solve the issue or to place the right order
  • Engaging the customer : Talking always breaks down any barrier. Just going to the table and engaging the customer creates a personal bonding
  • Knowledge about all the food : Advising the customers when the person is little confused or talking about a food which he/she is ordering, makes a customer happy
  • Smiling face : A smiling face can even tame down an angry customer

With the high competition level it is not easy to win over customer loyalty. Susie Rachele and Buttermilk Kitchen have developed a unique idea to win hearts. They have combined three most important things like great food, homely atmosphere and awesome service, in a wise way. Their signature dish Chicken Biscuit will make anyone crave for more. Buttermilk Kitchen’s cozy interior decorated with wooden chairs and tables is warm and welcoming. You will always find the staffs attending you with a smile on their face. Sometimes you will even find BK’s Executive Chef and the Founder, Suzanne Vizethann, going table to table to say hi and check on the food.

It must be noted that all the kitchen staffs works under the strict order of Suzanne Vizethann. The kitchen employees are permitted to use only homemade ingredients to make any food.  In a way eating at Buttermilk Kitchen is also healthy.

With veteran like Susie in the team Bk has come a long way in achieving the satisfaction of customers. According to customers, Buttermilk Kitchen offers great pancakes. Customers have come out with smiles on their faces. Susie Rachele herself develops the training guides for all the staffs. She personally takes care of the development of the skillset of each employee. Over four years Susie has successfully maintained the restaurant.

If you want to have some great breakfast try out Buttermilk Kitchen for once, you will surely come back again to try out more dishes. By 8a.m in the morning you will find long line in front of the door of Buttermilk Kitchen.Also if you happen tobe there at BK, do not forget to grab their signature dish The Chicken Biscuit.

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