Why Is A Water Chill Cooling System Important For The Workplace & Professional Kitchens

Why Is A Water Chill Cooling System Important For The Workplace & Professional Kitchens?

Chilling Out

Workplace water coolers are a much-loved feature of many workplaces, providing simple refreshment to staff throughout the day. Studies demonstrate that staff who are hydrated and refreshed perform significantly better than those who are hot, tired and thirsty. Similarly, providing water cooler facilities in public spaces and commercial environments can lead to improved customer loyalty and satisfaction levels. From shopping centres, gyms and libraries to educational establishments and healthcare premises, chilled water units can offer offer a practical solution in many environments.

Ice Cold in the Kitchen

The professional kitchen is one workplace area where staff comfort levels can often be overlooked, despite the fact that a commercial kitchen can be one of the toughest and most demanding places to work. Chefs and catering staff often find themselves working in relatively cramped conditions, in high temperatures, and to very tight deadlines. All these factors combine to create a high stress working environment that pushes even the most determined professionals to the limit.

Why Is A Water Chill Cooling System Important For The Workplace & Professional Kitchens?

Chilled Solutions

In a commercial kitchen, access to chilled and filtered water for hydration and hygiene are critical. You can keep your staff productive with a standalone water chill cooling system, that is as efficient as it is beautiful. The robust construction and superior hygiene of these units, along with a high throughput, make them the ideal solution for the commercial kitchen. The nature of the work involved in a commercial kitchen means that staff are often unable to take full length breaks at regular intervals, which can lead to fatigue and dehydration. Having a drinking water system positioned within the kitchen would help alleviate these problems, as staff could simply grab a glass of water to drink on the go.

The professional kitchen is, of course, a place where hygiene standards have to be meticulous. Commercial catering equipment and cookware is typically made of high-grade stainless steel, to aid the strict cleaning regimes in operation in professional kitchens. A chill cooling system can fit into this environment perfectly, as these units are typically made of robust stainless steel, with a design that facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Solid construction and easy wipe-clean surfaces are a must for drinking water systems located in commercial kitchens.

A Cool Choice

Easy to use, hygienic and cost effective, a water cooler system might just become your new best friend in the kitchen. By providing a simple means of refreshment for staff, hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the catering sector can reap real rewards in terms of motivation, energy and, ultimately, creativity. A well-hydrated chef is a happy chef, and a happy chef makes happy customers.

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