9 Best Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

9 Best Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

This world is full of beautiful places. It is just that we can’t take out enough time to experience the pleasure of these wonderful places. But don’t let the scarcity of time keep you from visiting these fantastic sights as it is once in a lifetime experience.

In this post, we have whittled up some of the most incredible places you can ever find on Earth:

  1. Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China

One of the most splendid views you can see on this planet, the Zhangye Danxia Landform is situated in China. These colorful landforms are tourist attractions in the country and thousands of tourists visit this place to get a glimpse of this divine beauty.

The manifestation of different colors is a result of the built-up of sandstone and minerals that resulted after an infusion of millions of years.

  1. Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Japan

Located in Hitachinaka, Ibara, this park offers a magnificent view of tulips and daffodils that will mesmerize your imagination. Spread over 190-hectre of land, this stunning site has over 4 million of flowers that cast a spell on the viewers who flock in millions every year to visit this captivating place.

  1. Tianzi Mountains, China

Named after a local farmer, this place stands true to its name which means son of heaven. Located in the province of Hunan, this place is considered a holy place for the locals. The towering mountains captivate your eyes and make you fall in love with the aura of this place. Not many people know but these mountains were an inspiration for the movie Avatar.

  1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

As its name suggests, this romantic place is known to be a favorite of love birds. Every year, thousands of lovers visit this place to spend some moments of romance. Once you are in the tunnel, you can feel the air in love. Just remember that the tunnel is a route for a train to transport woods to a local factory.

  1. Marble Caves, Chile, and Argentina

Situated between Chile and Argentina, the marble caves are a visual treat that will leave you feeling spellbound for a good amount of time. The marbled monoliths are a result of thousands of years of formation. It is located at the center of the famous General Carrera Lake.

  1. Tulip Fields, Netherlands

These splendid tulip fields in Netherland are a common sight in many movies. The sightseeing looks fantastic to the eyes. This gorgeous place from Netherland has romance in the air and many couples around the world visit these fields to share moments of love.

  1. Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe, and Zambia

Victoria Falls is situated on the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is named in honor of Queen Victoria after the explorer David Livingstone discovered it during his expedition to the Africa. The waterfall looks breathtaking from the aerial view. However, you can witness its true beauty only when you see it flowing in front of your eyes.

  1. White Haven Beach, Australia

One of the cleanest beaches on the planet Earth, the White Haven beach is a captivating sight to spend a holiday. The beach is located on the Whitsunday Island and it is famous for its whitish color which is a result of an abundance of silica on the beach.

The island is home to a number of resorts that serve everything from spa and Jacuzzi to delicious cuisines and indoor games.

  1. Stonehenge, England

If you have a fascination for historical sites, then Stonehenge should be a stopover in your itinerary. What is enigmatic about this site is the sight of the heavy pillars that weigh up to 25 tons. Historians and archaeologists are still amazed on how such heavy body of mass was transported to this site thousands of years ago.

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