Where To Buy Your Next Car

There are many different things to consider when you decide to purchase a new vehicle.  The decision to purchase may be one that you have been planning for a while, in which case you are likely to have considered the financial implications.  Alternatively it may be a sudden decision as your current vehicle breaks down or is written-off.

Whatever the reason you will need to decide the right car for your needs; a practical family sedan is a viable option in most cases.  However, a stylish sports car is of limited use to many people but a huge amount of fun to drive!

Main Dealer

Having chosen your type of vehicle you will need to locate a dealer or used car dealer.  It is important to consider using a local dealer, especially if you are purchasing a prestige or high performance car.  For example, your local Jaguar dealer will be able to provide you with the best examples of your chosen vehicle.  They may also be able to provide you with a test drive in several vehicles which could fit your needs; this will help you to decide the right vehicle for you.  Equally a Jaguar dealer will be able to contact other Jaguar dealers across the country to help you find the exact model you want; even in your preferred colour choice.  This is a service any main dealer can offer but independent used cars dealers are not able to do this.


Of course, you may choose to shun the garages and main dealers, with their warranties and approved vehicles.  Instead you can pay less for the same vehicle in a private sale.  You should be able to locate a car for sale through the internet, local adverts or even in a magazine.  However, when approaching a private seller it is essential to have someone with you who has a good knowledge of vehicles.  If you discover a fault after you have driven down the road it is very difficult to return the vehicle.  There are some good examples available but you must approach with caution!

Independent Traders

It is possible to find a good example of the vehicle you are after on the lot of a used car dealer.  These cars may come with a warranty, but you would be wise to confirm what this really covers and how they check their cars before they sell them.  An independent trader will be likely to provide vehicles at a reduced rate to the main dealer; however, this is generally because they are higher mileage or have not been as well maintained.

Wherever you decide to purchase your new or pre-owned vehicle from it is essential to exercise caution.  Main dealers tend to offer the best packages and the additional cost of the car may be more than offset by the peace of mind and aftercare you receive.  You can also build up a rapport with these dealers to help if you wish to trade your vehicle in at some point in the future.  The important thing is to approach it with a pragmatic mind; do not let your heart rule your head!

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