Games Of Solitaire – Your Favorite Pastime

Solitaire games can be enjoyed by people of all ages – they’re really simple to play and can get you hooked. Many people also report that playing games of solitaire helps them with their patience and logic skills, meaning not only are these games fun, but they also help you think!

What Is Solitaire?

Solitaire is a genre of card games that are able to be played by only one player. Online, there may be variants of which you can play with more than one person, but traditionally solitaire is a single player game. Sometimes, when people say “solitaire”, they are referring to the Klondike (a very popular game that fits into the solitaire genre). Games of solitaire have been played for generations, becoming popular in the 19th century. Since then, the games have spiraled into popularity and they’re fun for all the family.

How to Play

Although all of the solitaire games are slightly different, usually the main aim of the game is to sort cards in a particular way, depending on the type of solitaire that you’re playing. Usually, the cards begin in a shuffled deck and are dealt into an arrangement and then the player has to sort the cards into the right places. There are often “empty” slots where players can store their cards until the time is right for them to be used. Solitaire games are games of skill and patience, so they may be time-consuming, but they are rewarding.


Games of solitaire are traditionally all single-player games, however in some cases they may be made into multiplayer games. An example of this would be head-to-head races (playing the game competitively) or playing the game cooperatively. It is more common to find multiplayer versions of the game online; however it is easy to implement the multiplayer aspect in real life situations, too. For younger children just grasping the concept of the game, it might be best for them to play the game cooperatively with an adult who already knows how to play.

Playing Online

If you’re lacking a deck of cards, it is no problem. Games of solitaire are easy to find on the internet, FunRoom has dozens of solitaire games all in one place. In many online situations, you may be able to try to beat high scores (scores are measured in time) and you may even be able to save the game and pick it back up later, when you’re not busy. This means you don’t have commit a huge amount of time to playing the game, you can just keep coming back to it when you’re not busy!

Whether you’re looking for something simple to pass the time, you’re looking for a game to get hooked to, or you’re seeking to improve your logic, games of solitaire are the best option for you. You can play these games completely free online and you will never want to stop playing, see if you can beat your friends’ lowest times!

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