Self Watering Flower Pot (DIY)

No matter how much you love gardening, sometimes there isn’t just enough time for doing something big in the garden. But, you can always find the time to do some little things, which can do wonders in your garden.

If there are ways in which you can have it all, with less time spent, you will probably be happy to do it.

Self watering flower pots

Actually you can make pots that water plants themselves. For this project, you will need a couple beer bottles, although if you want bigger flower pots, you can use wine bottles. It’s a neat little project which can help you a lot in your gardening efforts.

You will need a little bit of effort for this project, but it will pay off. In that way you can recycle old glass bottles, have fresh plants, and a great piece of decoration below your window. The best of all is that you don’t have to worry whether the plant dries, because they will automatically be watered, and they won’t rot from too much water eiter, because the system doesn’t allow it.

You can use beer bottle halves for this little project, you can cut them yourself or take them to a professional. You can always look up Internet tutorials or seek help from a friend that is handy with tools. You can use any combination of colors you like, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just important that it pleases your eye. Colors are just the outter part of it, they don’t affect the function in any way.

The neck of the bottle needs to be shorter than the lower part of the bottle so it can stand on it, without touching the bottom of the glass. Once you cut the bottles, polish the edges so they aren’t sharp and dangerous. Then take a net square, not bigger than 5×5 cm and drill a little hole in the middle of it. Through that hole pull a thick string. It will serve as a water guide, that will provide water to the plant, holding just the right amount of water the plant needs.

Tie a large enough knot so the string can’t fall through the net. Pull the string through the neck of the bottle, but make sure the net stays inside. The lower part of the bottle will be the tank for the water, and the upper part will serve as a flower pot.

Plant the plant or add land and seeds in the upper part of the bottle. Let the string be long enough to reach the bottom part of the bottle where the water is, and your little garden is ready. The only thing that you should pay attention is that there is always enough water in the lower part of it.

And that’s basically it. You have your very own self watering little garden. What more than that do you want for your garden? Put these little pots under the windows, beneath your Roller blinds or curtains, and let them do wonderful things in your space.

By Milan Budimkic

Michael B. is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the home decor, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, and much more. When not blogging, he likes to travel and read a lot.

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