How To Tip The Scales In Your Favor: The Balance Between Security And The User Experience

Consumers want to make sure that their information is safe. Hacking is an extremely real threat and one which people are legitimately afraid of having happen to them. The only thing is, as concerned as they are about it, they also don’t need to be involved with how the network security and safety measures take place.

They shouldn’t have to learn an entirely new set of rules or processes and would likely get frustrated at the idea of it anyway. Trying to strike the right balance to satisfy their concerns while still keeping everything protected, but we have some tips for you to do it right.


Password security is probably the first thing lay people think of when they consider the steps taken to protect their data from any number of infiltration methods, even though the encryption codes extend far beyond the little box prompting them for the right combination of numbers and letters. Everyone knows what it’s like to either forget their password or to not have access to it at all.

It can often be overlooked when imparting information because the original source is the IT person who set everything up. The initiator either doesn’t need a password or it’s completely slipped his mind that you don’t know it. Taking the extra time to ensure everyone is on the same page before setting up programs and passwords can mean a better experience for all.


In an increasingly fast world, users are coming to want things immediately. They don’t appreciate any type of delays they don’t deem necessary. Firewalls, filtering and other security measures take place in the background, so why can’t all the prevention features do the same as well? When IT professionals start trying to think like a consumer, they start to make some pretty impressive leaps in their field.

There is no manual out there to follow, but they can start to acknowledge what a consumer might want. They could at least begin to explain why they’ve taken the steps that they have.

How To Tip The Scales In Your Favor The Balance Between Security And The User Experience

Additional Considerations

The VPN is such a handy features for the travelers who need access to all those nifty internal company programs, but there are also ways to give them permission at all times. Microsoft offers Direct Access for this express purpose. The CIO and the CSO need to have a good working relationship in order to establish the solutions which will create the best balance. They are coming at the problem from two entirely different directions, but it doesn’t mean that both of their points aren’t valid.

When they take the time to work things out together the results can be beneficial for everyone involved. However, if they can’t find the common ground, then it just spells frustration and time waste for the company. Compromise allows both people and concepts to thrive in the business world.

Protect your information, your employee’s information and the company’s information with as many layers of security as possible. In case one fails, you’ll have several backups. Streamline them all for a user experience which is both safe, simple and intuitive.

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