Dubrovnik and Around Guide

Dubrovnik is a beautiful, historic city on the blue shores of the Adriatic. The red-roofed buildings and winding streets of the old town are familiar to many who are fans of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘. This city is wonderful for explorations – both within itself, and also beyond its unique mediaeval ramparts to the sea and land beyond.

Stroll in the Old City

The old city will enchant you with its maze of ancient streets. During the day it is bustling with tourists, but in the evening it becomes quieter. Enjoy a drink, or a meal in one of the many fine restaurants. Though be warned that to find a good deal on food you will have to go outside the city walls, and off the tourist trail.

Muse at the Monastery

The Dominican Monastery was begun in 1301, and also including changes and additions from the early 16th Century. As well as a wealth of fascinating architecture, it also houses many pieces of art, of various styles and time periods.

Parade the Ramparts

These city walls completely encircle the old town. You will have some excellent views both of the old town, and of the land and sea beyond. These tantalising glimpses of Dubrovnik’s surroundings will have you desperate to escape the city and get out there and explore.

Swoop up Mount Srd

This imposing peak towers above Dubrovnik to the North. If climbing the 412 meters seems a little too ambitious, then you can swoop to the top like a bird in the swift cable car. The views to the surrounding area and out over the islands of the Adriatic are not to be missed.

Dubrovnik and Around Guide

Go Beyond the Blue

The best way to get out there and explore is definitely to take advantage of the excellent rental opportunities and hire a yacht. By hiring a yacht you can get out on that pristine, blue water and explore the coast, and the many islands that lie, jewel like, in the Adriatic.

Dubrovnik and Around Guide

Explore the Elaphite Islands

These varied islands are not very far from Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour, and although there are a steady stream of day-trippers from the city, they are still relatively unspoiled – perfect for those who wish to get away from it all in their lush vegetation.

Take a look at Lokrum

This historically interesting island was said to be where Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked. There is an old monastery which was turned into a summer palace, with its overgrown gardens, and the much better tended Botanic Gardens, holding a range of fascinating plants. Fort Royal, a former gun position, is found by walking through the pleasantly shady pine woods to the north of the island. Why not relax in the salt-lake located here, or swim in the clear water from one of the island’s rocky bays?

Dubrovnik and Around Guide

Moon about on Mljet

Also easily accessible from Dubrovnik is the romantic and peaceful island of Mljet, where legend says that Odysseus lived for seven blissful years with the nymph Calypso. Why not make your own mythology on this relaxing island? There are many other exciting places to visit and things to do around the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik and Around Guide

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