Brooklyn Experiencing A Flare In DUIs?

Brooklyn Experiencing A Flare In DUIs?

DUIs are on the decrease. Strict penalties, harsh rules, and constant patrolling by police personnel have resulted in DUIs decreasing all over America. However, this does not mean DUIs do not happen. New York and Brooklyn experience several horrific DUIs every year. According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, there are about 344 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in the city every year. More than 195 of these people were under the age of 21 and repeat offenses are common.

Drunk with Kids

Take the case of Anthony Pollydore. According to the Post, Pollydore was drunk when he braked abruptly and rammed into a street light. His passengers, five-year-old son, and 11-year-old and 12-year-old stepsons, were jerked about in the car and were critically injured. In fact, the 11-year-old died of his injuries. This was Pollydore’s third DUI offense.

Similarly, a veteran NYPD detective was arrested for driving while intoxicated while he was off duty. According to, James Nash crashed his Cadillac into to the corner of West 4th Street on Wednesday evening. This arrest was just one of the many arrests involving NYPD police officers and alcohol.

In another unrelated case, 26-year old Garfield Gwood was arrested for driving his BMW into a stationary garbage truck. One of the passengers in the BMW died while the driver GWood and another passenger were listed in critical state. Gwood apparently already had an outstanding warrant for DWI.

Although these are scary examples, all of them are true and terrifyingly common. New York and its suburbs are struggling to control flaring DUI levels and they’ve now implemented a multi-pronged program to control the DUI menace.

  • Enforcement programs – The state plans to up their roving DUI patrols all over popular highways.
  • Tighter court procedures – The state has decided to create a dedicated DWI attorney or prosecutorial staff. The DWI attorneys will be educated and trained on special procedures required to convict repeat offenders. The court will also set up supervisory programs for repeat offenders and a DWI support unit for the victims as well.
  • Probation programs – First time offenders will have to complete a compulsory safety driving program. They will also be intensively supervised and a support unit would be set up for victims of DUIs and DWIs.
  • Public education – One of the best ways to reduce DUIs and DWIs is by educating the public. The state plans to set up an intensive media program during sporting, cultural, and musical events to promote safe driving.

The Right Kind of DUI Attorney

Although this kind of a multi-pronged approach is a prudent idea, it may take a long time to actually start showing effects. For first time offenders and repeat offenders, this is going to be a really tough time. DUIs are hard to beat and with New York’s strict DUI program, almost every offender will require a marvelous and dedicated Brooklyn, NY accident attorney. The offender may not get off scot-free but a stellar Brooklyn, NY accident attorney may be able to minimize the penalties and fines as much as possible.

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