3 Ways To Become Truly Forgiving Person

We have seen multiple acts of forgiveness in our lives. One of the most popular is probably when Nelson Mandela forgave his captors who imprisoned him for years. Without forgiveness, we would see more acts of violence and rage. Mandela was one of the great leaders, but is it possible to apply such examples of forgiveness in our lives? The answer is yes and we could actually implement it right here and right now.

There are three ways we can become truly forgiving person:

1. Forgive ourselves:

We are human and we often make mistakes. We habitually exercise poor judgments and in the end, we all screw up. Despite our failures, the most important thing is what we do next. Many may let themselves live in guilt, due to their past mistakes. People have told us that we need to learn from our mistakes and by failing to forgive ourselves; we may not be able to learn from those grievous failures.

In the end, we could end up repeating the same mistake. This is a bad situation and it could put us in an endless cycle. Overall, learning won’t happen if we don’t forgive ourselves. By forgiving ourselves, we are also able to see beyond the current situation focus more on the future. We will be less frustrated and feel healthier mentally too.

2. Forgive others:

This is probably the most common type of forgiveness that many people talk about. Each person is unique and they could offend us intentionally or unintentionally. Constant contact with them could happen, because we may work with them at the office. In any case, we should give our best effort to solve this situation. The barrier between us and those we refuse to forgive could thicken and prevent us from moving forward. When we don’t forgive others we may have drastically lowered trust, more conflicts and reduced productivity.

3. Forgive the situation:

Sometimes things that happen aren’t anyone’s fault and it is important to not dwell on past situations that were beyond our control. Bad situations could also cause pain and grief. If we are able to forgive previous situations, we are more likely able to let go any negative feeling and move forward unrelentingly. Things that are beyond our control may include natural disasters, accidents, illness and others.

We often say to ourselves “if only things happened this way” or “that way”. It is important to stop doing this and focus on making our future situations better.

When can forgive these three things, it would be much easier for us to focus on the future. We will have more opportunity for advancement and growth. We will also get more accountability and hope. No progress can be made if we continue to live in the past. Making mistakes is part of being normal human; Forgiveness may neutralize failures, mistakes, errors in judgments and other slip ups.

Without forgiveness, there will be more discord, conflict, angst and divisiveness. Successful people are likely to be able to use the act of forgiveness to keep themselves productive and going forward.

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