Creating a Product Design? Steps To Take From Start to Finish

Do you have a product design in mind that you want to introduce to the market? A business might seem as simple as selling something and making money from it, but there is a more complex process to go through than you might think before you get to the cash transactions you’re hoping for.

The Prototype

No matter how great an idea you have in mind, you need to put it into a more tangible form. That might mean sketching it out on paper, but it’s more likely to involve digital renderings in production software so you can have a physical prototype made.


Don’t be shocked if your prototype needs lots of adjustments and experimentation. You and a small testing team of people you trust should put your product design through its paces so you can morph it into something the market can use but you can also make it with some expectation of profit margin.

A Focus Group

Put together a focus group when your own testing team reaches its limits. Make sure you keep what they say is right about the product, but also be willing to change or add anything they point out needs additional effort.

Mass Production

Metal fabrication can be a great way of creating products that are durable and able to be mass-produced without errors or deviations from the design. The options with this kind of manufacturing are more potent than you might realize at this point in time.

Market Introduction

When you are ready enough, introduce the product to the market so you can test the waters and see how it actually does with real consumers. Make sure you advertise it as much as you can to break into the niche you’re in.


Once your initial run of the product is made and hopefully sold, you’ll start getting feedback from consumers. Don’t just wait for the feedback sent to you, as you should also look for ratings and reviews shared with others online. Use this to perfect the product even more for secondary production runs.


In the best of cases, your product design will do two things. First, it will answer a need or demand the market has that nobody even knew needed to be filled to start with. Second, it’ll be profitable and popular enough to make you lots of money while also improving the lives of consumers.

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