What Ammo Works Best for What Gun

You might not be sure what ammo works for the gun you own, or you might be in the market for a firearm and unsure of what you want. Either way, knowing what ammo matches what gun you have or buy can help you purchase the correct ammo for your firearm or give you a better idea of what you want for a firearm. Different ammo types are made for the specific kinds of guns they can work with. In this article, the different ammo types are listed along with which type of firearm they work with.

40 Caliber Ammo

This ammo is a lightweight ammunition known for being used in self-defense, target shooting, and spots. It has a low recoil and stopping power compared to other types of ammo. Obviously, this ammunition is best used with 40 caliber guns with hollow joint ammunition since they expand on impact. The gun should also be lightweight for better mobility.

9mm Ammo

9mm are some of the most popular and most common weapons out there. These guns, along with their bullets, are known as the standard caliber ammo used for self-defense and law enforcement. If you pursue owning a gun, you’ll most likely end up with a Glock, Sig Sauer, pistol, or some other kind of 9mm. You will also mostly use 9mm ammo with handguns, simply because this firearm is one of the easiest to fire and handle for both beginners and experts. When it comes to handguns, they’re usually made to be as light as possible, making them easier for you to carry no matter the situation. They are lightweight and normally used on compact or subcompact handguns.

45 Caliber Ammo

Historically, this ammo was mainly used during World War II before falling out of use after 1945. It remained out of use until the introduction of the Model 45 pistol in 1990 almost fifty years later. The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridges are most popular these days for self-defense purposes. This means that the ammo is great for target shooting at the range and that the weapon has a more manageable recoil compared to other guns.

38 Special Ammo

The 38 Special ammo was adopted during World War 1 but became obsolete after the war was over. Like the 45 Caliber, it was also reintroduced to the market in 1990 with the introduction of the Model 45 pistol. This ammo is semi-rimmed, with a central fire revolver and a lead ball. It is also a good option for personal defense because of the low recoil when fired. As a result, you can easily protect yourself from the attackers due to the nature of this ammo and the weapons that use it. You need ammo that will be swift in averting any threats that might arise. You also need ammo that will have a strong impact and do great damage, and 38 special is one of the best options in such situations.


In conclusion, the points above clearly summarize the kind of guns you can use with specific ammo, along with the pros of each type of ammo that’s offered to you. You may realize that not all the calibers work well for every purpose or everyone. For example, if you’re an amateur shooter it might be best to go for the 9mm, as it’s the most versatile, lightweight, and easiest to handle. However, when it comes to differences in ammo, there is ammo to help you in self-defense, competition, target shooting, and even hunting. Hence, you need to know your purpose to better select the specific ammo to go for.

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