4 Ways To Simplify Moving This Summer

Let’s be honest; nobody likes the process of moving. Sure, moving into a new home is exciting, and once you’re finished transferring all of your stuff, it’s a pretty great feeling. However, the actual moving part is stressful, exhausting, and time-consuming. That said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so rough. While there’s probably nothing you can do to turn moving into a fun experience, there are things you can do to make it a bit easier and less of a hassle.

Start Packing in Advance

One of the most stressful things about moving is that it frequently takes place under rigid time constraints. The effort of moving all that stuff is bad enough, but having to do it all under a strict timeline really adds to the unpleasantness. However, by starting the process of packing up your things in advance, you can avoid having to rush as much. If the majority of your possessions are all ready to be moved, all you have to worry about is transporting them.

Hire Moving Professionals

If you really want to make the moving process easier, you should consider hiring professional help. If you enlist the services of professionals like Du Frane Moving & Storage, they’ll be able to help you with packing, moving, and storage. As long as you don’t mind spending a bit of money, hiring reputable movers will make all the difference in the world when it comes to the amount of physical and mental effort you need to put in.

Donate Unwanted Possessions

It’s only natural to want to hold on to the majority of your possessions. After all, it’s always hard to let go of items from your past, especially if they hold any kind of sentimental value to you. However, if you’re willing to go through your belongings with a bit of scrutiny, you can almost certainly find some that you don’t need to keep. Before you begin moving, pick out any items that you’re okay with getting rid of and donate them to a local charity. That way, they’ll go to someone who needs them more than you, and you’ll have fewer possessions to move!

Pack a Bag or Box of Essentials

When moving into a new place, you’ll probably be pretty exhausted by the time you’re finished. As a result, you may not want to immediately get to work on unpacking everything. If you pack yourself one bag or box with all of your essential items, such as your toothbrush, phone charger, snacks, and clothing, you’ll be able to function for a day or two until you’ve had a chance to unpack everything else. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy some hard-earned rest in your new home.


All of these tips should be quite helpful when it comes to simplifying the moving process. Ultimately, though, what’s most important is that you plan things in advance and give yourself plenty of time to get everything taken care of. Nothing makes moving more stressful than being short on time, and if you can avoid putting yourself in that situation, everything else will seem much easier.

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