How To Get More Leads Through Your Website

Every business needs a website these days. Even kids that set up a neighborhood lemonade stand might have a website giving directions, menus, and hours of operation. If you rely on getting leads through your website as a part of your business, then you want to do all you can to get more of them. If it’s a central component or the only way to get business, then you definitely need to take steps to generate more leads.


Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective options out there, and it can lead to a lot of traffic to your website that could be usable leads. However, it can also take a long time for the results to show up. Depending on the keywords you optimize for, that might be six months to a year before you start noticing. If you buy traffic, you can get your website to rank higher in the search engine more quickly. Just make sure that the traffic you buy is natural and honest.


PPC is one way to do this. Pay-per-click ads are the ones displayed on Google pages above the search results. People see them first before anything else, and so they’re very likely to click on them. PPC campaigns can start generating traffic the day they go live. They’ll keep doing it as long you put money into it, but you can also scale them to match your budget and stop them anytime you are ready to do so. They’re a great way to generate traffic while you’re waiting on SEO.

Be Sociable

Get on social media and be active. Post entertaining and informative pieces of content that users might share. Anything that gets shared around should spread backlinks to your site and build your brand. Traffic should follow that to some degree, especially if you post regularly. Guest blog posts and podcasting helps, too.


CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. It’s a process that doesn’t focus on getting more traffic to your website but actually optimizing the site so you convert more of the traffic that is already getting. Your conversion rate is the percentage of traffic that turns into actual leads. Unless it’s at 100, you always have room for improvement.


From all these angles, make sure your website is conducive to generating trust and a great user experience. Make sure pages load in less than 3 seconds so people don’t bounce out. Optimize every page for mobile devices, and use secure encryption for everything to you gain user confidence. Proofread everything, and keep the content updated and useful.

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