What to Do When Your Screen Cracks

Getting your iPad or iPhone screen replaced when it is damaged is certainly not cheap. Apple actually has set fees based on each model of its flagship products, meaning it might even be more expensive than you first realize. That said, each device can operate sufficiently even with cracked screens. Some even retain functionality when their displays are completely shattered, however, it can be hard to read or see visuals clearly at all times. Not to mention the risk you run of cutting yourself on the broken glass. As a result, it might be best to get your screen repaired as soon as possible.


Here are some options for you if the display screen of your Apple product has shattered.

Have Apple Repair It

Apple is probably the most popular option when it comes to getting a cracked screen repaired. Upon purchase of the device, you can opt to also purchase a one-year warranty which guarantees Apple can repair the damage done, and it has the added bonus of reducing the cost of the repair. Even without the warranty, however, you can still go to your local Apple store for help, just expect to pay a bit more.

Bring It to a Third Party Repair Shop

You could probably find a third-party iPhone or iPad screen repair shop that will do just as good of a job as Apple. Third-party shops often cater to a wide range of devices from an assortment of manufacturers, meaning you can take advantage of having other devices repaired even if they’re not an Apple product.


There are many local mom-and-pop computer and technology repair stores that will be happy to help you out. Simply ask them how much it will cost and how long it should take. You could likely have your screen repaired the same day it was cracked.

Do Nothing

Another common option for dealing with a crack in your iPad or iPhone screen is to do nothing at all. You can easily continue to use most Apple devices even with a small crack in the display. This option might be more attractive to you if the crack is either small or not that distracting, as it is the cheapest option compared to investing in repairs. You may decide that a single crack isn’t worth the hassle, or think it’s best to wait for now until the screen gets worse.


Technically, you can even use a shattered screen if you are able to see and operate the display easily enough. Just use a plastic screen protector to keep your hands from getting cut and place your device in a harder case than usual to prevent further damage.


In conclusion, there are many options for iPhone and iPad users dealing with a cracked screen. When deciding between them, just pick the best option for your lifestyle and pocketbook. Whether that be seeking out Apple to have it repaired by the same company that made your device, finding a third-party repair shop that caters to a variety of devices, or deciding the crack isn’t that bad and you’re willing to wait until the situation is more dire.

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