4 Ways to Keep Your Roofing in Good Order for Years Into the Future

Your home’s roof is designed to last for years when maintained properly, but many things can cause it to fail if they aren’t addressed. Wind and storms can damage a roof, and so can neglect. Here are four things you can do to help keep your roof in shape.

Inspect Regularly

You can spot many roof problems with a visual inspection. Inspect from afar with binoculars or get on your roof if you can do it safely to look for damaged flashing and shingles. Use a soft broom to brush away debris that you can reach. Don’t ignore discolorations, which could indicate mold, rot, or shingle breakdown. Be sure to never get on a roof or sweep it when it’s hot because this can damage the shingles.

Roof Repairs

Roof repair can keep small problems that you notice during an inspection from becoming large ones. A roof repair company should have state-required licenses and insurance, plus industry training and certifications. Don’t trust anyone for roof repair that can’t show references, photos of past work, and proof of insurance. Whether you see damage or not, consider having a roofing company check your home yearly. Their experts may be able to see problems that you can’t.

Clean Your Gutters

Your roof should shed water from rain and snow into gutters that carry it away, but debris can block gutters and allow moisture to get under the edges of shingles. This infiltration can cause interior leaks, rotting, and insects while shortening the life of the shingles. Use an extension ladder to reach gutters, but be careful not to damage them. Haul away debris in a bucket, then wash gutters with a hose. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, leave it to a roofing or gutter cleaning company.

Manage Trees

Trees are great for shade and beauty, but they’re usually bad for roofs. Keep trees from damaging your roofing by pruning them several feet away from your home. This also reduces leaves that fall in your gutters and makes damaging algae and moss growth less likely. Additionally, watch vines and other plants that climb on your home to make sure they don’t get onto the roof where they can grow under shingles and let water in.

When you carefully inspect and clean your roof and keep plants away, your home’s shingles, gutters and flashing can last for decades. If you find problems, however, expert roof repairers can save you thousands by fixing problems and delaying the need for a new roof.


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