HVAC Tips for When Something’s Stuck in Your Ducts

Your HVAC uses ducts to facilitate the efficient exchange of warm and cool air within your house. However, with long-term use, the ducts can get blocked either by objects or trapped critters. When you realize something is stuck in your duct and is causing inefficiency, you’ll be challenged with what step to take next. Luckily, you are on the right page. We’ll share a few valuable tips you can use to safely and easily retrieve stuck objects. 

Accessing Your System 

In order to remove the stuck object in your duct system, you should first gain access to the ductwork inside your home. Most ducted air conditioners have their ducts screwed on walls. So, you’ll have to find a screwdriver to carefully remove the vents to enable you to access the ducts. Once you’ve reached the ducts, you can simply grab the stuck objects. But before that, ensure you wear gloves or cut-resistant sleeves to prevent cuts from sharp edges/screws. 

Use Wire Hanger 

If you are a DIYer, you’ll probably agree with me about how useful a wire hanger can be. When the wire hanger is straightened at its arms, it can reach far deeper spots that human arms can’t reach. But as you straighten the arms, remember to leave the hook intact to help you pull the stuck object out easily. Gently insert the wire hanger inside the duct until you reach the stuck object. Turn the wire slowly to hook it on, then slowly pull out the object. 

Use Suction Method 

The suction method is an ideal strategy you can consider, but only if you have a shop vacuum. Unlike the regular home vacuum, shop vacuums come with canisters that collect objects upon sucking. Simply insert the vacuum hose into the duct and let it suck the stuck objects. Try securing the vacuum opening with a rubber band for more suction force. 

Contact a Professional 

If you use the methods mentioned above and nothing seems to work, you may opt for the final option- contacting a professional air duct cleaning company. These companies have the right tools and expertise to retrieve stuck items deep within your duct system. Besides getting rid of stuck debris, these professionals will ensure every component of the ducted air conditioning is fixed in an orderly manner. 

An obstructed ductwork means an ineffective HVAC system. While these systems keep our lives comfortable during harsh weather, sometimes the ducts can get blocked by toys, papers, hair, and animals. If you find yourself a victim of circumstance, try out the tips mentioned above. 

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